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  1. Royalburgers

    [IN Progress] Beginner's guide to building a PC

    With pics this would be awesome
  2. Royalburgers

    Free Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Code --- **GONE**

    I have yet to recieve mine, is the Blood Dragon extra thingy only inside the US?
  3. Royalburgers

    Do You Own A Console, If You Do Why?

    I own a PS3 Netflix
  4. Royalburgers

    What is your Favorite Anime/Manga?

    So what is your favorite anime? What series have you completed? My favorite is probably FMA: Brotherhood even though I have watched both the Brotherhood version and the original. The animes I have completed are: School Days Monster FMA FMA:Brotherhood Naruto Angel Beats Avatar the Last Air Bender Code Geass Death Note Feel free to recommend animes that you have watched.
  5. Royalburgers

    Explain your Avatar

    Linus is an ass man
  6. Royalburgers

    Has Anyone Found Some Hardware Treasure Before?

    I bought a Razer Diamondback back in the day from my friend for 3$ since he ''got a better mouse'' I still have that mouse and I use it for my laptop, Sweet deal, 3$ for 8 years of mouse.
  7. Royalburgers

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    Breaking off the pins on the USB 3.0 connector on my Mobo because I wanted nice and tight cable routing
  8. Royalburgers

    Humming in my headset

    As the title says I hear a faint 'humming' from my right headset speaker. These are a pair of pretty new headset (1.5 weeks old) and the humming just started yesterday out of nowhere, at first the humming didn't bother me but it has started to make my right ear tired and I don't think I can put up with this for much longer. Any help is hugely appreciated (Also a cookie to the one who figures out whats wrong). PS: Sorry for my english, i'm from Sweden. EDIT: The humming seems to disappear depending on where I have my head i.e if I lean to the right the humming disappears and if I lean to the left the humming increases EDIT2: The humming is very faint and I can't hear it (Don't know if it goes away or is drowned in the sound) when I watch for example a youtube video.
  9. Royalburgers

    What mouse manufacturer is best?

    Loving my M90 from Corsair
  10. Royalburgers

    What Resolution Is Your Screen?

  11. Royalburgers

    Graphics card upgrade....

    I say go for single 7970, single cards are almost always better than dual unless you're talking highest end (Dual Titans / Dual 680s / Dual 7970 / Single 690 / Single 7990).
  12. Royalburgers

    Explain Your Username

    Royal Burgers, nuf' said