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    Sweden, Japan


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    i5 9600K @ 3.7 - 4.6Ghz
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    Asus Z390A-PRO
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @2666Mhz CL15
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    MSi RTX 2070 Armor OC
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    Fractal Design Define S (Windowless Sound Dampening)
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    Samsung 970 EVO 500GB + Storage Drives
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    Fractal Design Integra 650W (Semi-Modular)
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    3x Dell U2415
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    NZXT Kraken X62
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    Logitech Orion G610
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    Logitech Proteus G502
  • Sound
    Logitech Z623
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    Windows 10 Home 64bit

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  1. The benchmarks I've looked at say the 9600K is ~3-8% better performing than the 8600K for only $10 more (3% more, so you're at least breaking even). It's currently the only available 9th generation chip, though this depends on where you're at I suppose. It makes no sense to include the 8600K but not the 9600K. Would've been the top runner-up for $1000 gaming PC if it had been included, I reckon. Its motherboards aren't more expensive, neither. Oh well...
  2. This happens when Chrome is using anywhere from 2 GB to 10+ GB, I don't really have a RAM usage problem. I doubt it's an idle issue as the freezing/stuttering also extends to downloaded videos and it definitely persists through refreshing the page or using a whole different browser. I'm suspecting the RTX cards still need some drivers to fix these kinds of issues. They're pretty new and all... Still, can't find anyone else having these problems on Google, new cards or no.
  3. Specs: Problem: Okay, so I tend to open a lot of tabs in a lot of windows, often with videos I plan to watch whether it be Youtube or Pornhub or series I have downloaded. What happens is, after opening ~50 videos during a consecutive login on the device, videos become unable to play. I'm not talking about having 50 tabs of videos open at once making them unable to play, I mean I can open one video at a time in one window over the course of a few hours, but as soon as I hit somewhere around the 50th video, videos just straight up don't play. Here's an example of what it looks like when I try to play a video https://imgur.com/ILQ59r7. It stops at 00:00 and gets a rolling bar, sound doesn't play either. Clearing cache doesn't work, using a different browser doesn't work, games play fine, in fact everything else works as it should. It's just videos that don't work/play, except my camera does work fine... There's a bit of a distinction between online streamed videos and downloaded videos, though. Online videos straight up don't play at all, where-as downloaded videos stutter at like 5 fps without any sound. The issue is solved by restarting the computer, doesn't even have to be a cold-start, but that still gets annoying. I'm used to restarting my computer once a month, really... PS. I have the latest drivers for everything, this PC is only like 2 weeks old.
  4. Well, I sure hope they aren't damaged. The coolant leaked down on my GPU which gave me a black screen and caused suction when I tried to pull my GPU out so I accidentally pulled the whole PCIe slot out with it (Thankfully just a cheap 950). Of course I still have to replace the motherboard and cooler, which means also getting a new CPU, and a new GPU.... fun times. Anyway, thanks! Nice to know I'm not completely screwed!
  5. So I have 32 GB of Quad Channel Vengeance LPX memory and my 2011-3 Motherboard just shorted due to my cooler leaking coolant. The new 1151 motherboards all have dual channel memory. Will my quad channel sticks work on these motherboards?
  6. So, I figured it was time to upgrade to a 970 EVO. Installation went fine, just put it in and booted right up without any issues. Couldn't find the drive when I got into windows, so I restarted computer and went into the bios to check if I had disabled M.2 or something. I hadn't, and the computer found the drive in boot options. But.... this is when the troubles started. Suddenly the bios got all laggy, the fans revved up to 100% and the bios said the CPU temperature was at a cool 97C. I exited the BIOS and tried to boot... but it took like 5 minutes where it usually takes about 20 seconds. As soon as I got into the OS, the computer just shut down completely. I booted it up and ran a repair which took like 15 minutes and it found no errors, but I got into the OS now without it shutting down. I noticed starting up a window of Google Chrome used 100% processing power on all 12 cores, and my CPU fan is still running at 100% so I guess that issue isn't solved either. Not only is it running loud and crispy, but everything is slow and laggy, I get mouse stutters, even... so I guess the whole system downclocked itself or something. Obviously the fans are working, so I have no idea why it's getting so hot all of a sudden... just completely non-plussed why a drive installation would cause something like this. I haven't tried taking the drive out, kind of scared to turn the computer off now that it's working... but yeah. If you have any idea what's going on and how to fix it, please let me know! EDIT: It seems the CPU has indeed capped itself to 8x100Mhz, so it's only running at 2/9ths of its capability. But it's still running at 100% fans while staying this hot at such a low power mode... EDIT2: Removing the M.2 drive did indeed fix the problem... So I've got a $250 SSD I can't even use now. Great. EDIT3: Nevermind, now I just have a black screen... EDIT4: ALRIGHT. FUCKING FUCK. I pulled out the GPU to see what was up. When pulling it out, I somehow managed to rip out the PCIe slot (sigh, I've pulled out many GPUs before and I have no idea how this happened...) and doing so I found something very interesting. There was some kind of oily liquid (coolant leakage?) between the GPU and the PCIe slot? Not sure if GPU is salvagable. Not sure if I can even use the motherboard now that I ripped out the PCI e slot.. not sure if I can even use this cooler if that's the source of leakage... not sure about anything. Probably just have to buy a new Motherboard, CPU, cooler and GPU... sigh. EDIT5: Yepp, I can now see that the AIO cooler (Fractal Design S24) has leaked liquid which dripped down into the connection between the GPU and the PCIe slot, shorting the GPU. So now I have a dead motherboard, broken cooler, and dead GPU... plus my CPU is useless because it's outdated and I won't get a new old motherboard. How buying a $250 SSD ended up costing me $1500...
  7. "Moose"? Ummm... I'll have you know it's meese.
  8. What are your ambient temps? What are your clock speeds? Have you set your GPU to overclock until it reaches higher temps? Either way, it's probably the pump. You want high flow rate for optimal cooling and several things impact your flow rate, including length of tube, its bends, its height, its diameter. I see most of your bends kink a little, which definitely increases the resistance which makes the job harder for your pump. But I am not the most experienced with custom watercooling, so don't quote me on this
  9. Yeah, just reinstalled the default Realtek driver instead of the one my motherboard's automatic update gave me... Thanks!
  10. So, everytime I plug in my headphones to the front audio jacks on my computer, I get the error sound with a little window called "RtkNGUI64" saying "An invalid argument was encountered." Speakers work excellently, though. Any ideas? Google's given me very little yield, I have the latest drivers and everything.
  11. So, this problem first arose about two years ago when I had owned my Astro A40's for a little more than 3 years already, and turning the nob to raise or decrease the volume would, instead of changing the volume, just produce a bunch of static, until I had turned it far enough to change the volume instead, that was on the mix-amp that comes with the Astro line-up. That headset finally broke a few weeks ago and I am replacing it with the HD559, since I don't play on an xbox anymore. Anyway, now I encounter the same issue again, except this time on my speakers, Logitech Z623--Turning the volume nob produces static instead of changing the volume. These I have only owned for two years, and I haven't used them for a year due to living abroad. What is this? Can I fix it? Can I prevent it from happening in the future? Thanks!
  12. I feel like getting a 6 core instead of a 4 core is that nudge it needs to let me keep it for 2 more years. Also, it's like $100 more than getting a 6700K. Getting an i5 is not my thing. I Overclock and lately I've often been using around 80% on all processing cores on my current quad core, so I feel like investing in a good CPU is worth it. I'm the kind of guy who does a lot of things at once on the computer, then leaves everything open and just lets it pull resources in the background. But I use all of it so often that I can't close anything down because it would be a bother having to reopen things constantly. I appreciate your advice though. That depends on whether I get the DDR3 motherboard or DDR4. I would feel like getting a DDR3 would be a waste, since DDR3 hopefully will be extinct in a few years. Hahaha, yeah man! She complains a lot and she's getting a bit wrinkly but I still love her. See, but I don't upgrade all that often. So I rather just getting something better and let it live its days out like I did this one. PS. 4790K is 7500/8.25 = $900 6700K DDR4 is 9000/8.25 = $1100 5820K is 10000/8.25 = $1200 w/o graphics card, harddrives & PSU. Then, after a couple months of saving up for the latest GPU... I don't know, I feel like I'm kind of answering my own question here, and my heart seems pretty much set on getting the 5820K. Looking at that measly $200 difference.. for like.. a quite nice performance boost.. or at least life span of the computer.. I appreciate all your comments though. If you think I'm making the wrong choice, then please tell me so EDIT: Looking at some benchmarks the 6700K is actually outperforming the 5820K in all categories, despite the 2 extra cores. And now I'm not sure again.... damnit.
  13. So, I'm finally building a new PC as my current one broke one final time today. But it was the motherboard that gave out, so I was thinking of buying all new things but hard drives, PSU and... I'll either A: Get a new GPU too. B: Keep my current GPU and use that until I wait for the new nVidia cards to hit the market. Which do you think is the better choice? PS. If I keep my current card and wait for the next gen, I will get an i7 5820K with a 2011-3 board and DDR4 memory, obviously. But if I get a new GPU now I can't afford that, so I'd have to settle for either 6700K or 4790K. What say you?
  14. I mean.. the title really says it all.. If I click the buttons to enter bios or BBS Popup, it says it will launch them but it remains stuck... Help?