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  1. Would it be possible for someone to send me an invite?
  2. The highest temp I've seen is low 80's on air. With Real Bench and cpu fan controlled by Asus Suite.
  3. Is it board or chip preset? Mine is stable at 4.6Ghz with 1.23V
  4. 1.27 isn't bad stock voltage on my 4790K is 1.22v
  5. I just got my DT990s about a week and just noticed that they don't set the same on both sides of my head. The left side has more of a gap between my head and head band than the right side is this normal? I compared them to my ATH-M50x and they have to same amount of clearance from side to side
  6. t-scene


    Mine just started doing this to. I updated flash and still get it.
  7. Are the GPU clock speeds right in Valley Benchmark? My reference 980Ti with no over clock is showing 1392Mhz and 3505Mhz on memory running roughly 85C
  8. Ok good just make sure the pump led is and the pump is running at full speed all the time. You should be able to back your fans way down and make it near silent.
  9. Is the led on the pump even on? It appears you have the pump plugged into a fan header on the motherboard. Make sure you have the speed set a 100%.
  10. Possibly the resolution changing or a back ground program.
  11. That's a fairly common air flow setup. It should perform well. Adding in the bottom fan may help you a degree or two on the GPU.