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  1. I want to make sure I'm validated. Will the list be posted here?
  2. These are my stats now. I see it's only utilizing my cpu. How can I do both cpu and gpu?
  3. Here's mine, does it seem right? Also, any chance NOT being verified for this event?
  4. what guide? I'm interested and I'm on Manjaro trying to get f@h to work.
  5. I built a system with Ryzen 3900x and vega 64. I'm on linux an looking forward to folding...however, I'm still waiting on my PassKey. Does it take long? Would it be best to use cpu or gpu for max points?
  6. Ok thanks. For my case, should the radiator be on top or side?
  7. I got a 3900x and a 280mm aio. Should I orient it as exhaust and my 3 case fans as intake? I have the Lian li o11 dynamic case.
  8. I have a Synology Nas that I use for backups and was wondering if I can host my website on it instead of paying for host services? Is it possible? Good idea? It's not a crazy busy site or popular by any means...
  9. how reliable is shopRBC for the 3900x? all on backorder, though...
  10. Yeah, I already have the taichi. Probably will keep it and the Vega 64.
  11. From where can I get the bootkit?
  12. You're right. I got the taichi x470 for super low price. It was a good deal. Now the 3900x....I do have uses for it. I'm not an avid overclocker, though.
  13. Was thinking of x570 for future proof, better chipset and drivers. I already have a x470 taichi, but thinking of returning it. Besides, I would not be able to use a 3000 series without an update.
  14. @OmicronEta @jstudrawa @Epimetheus @lee32uk @LukeSavenije I'm having second thoughts about this build. I'm thinking of getting a 3900x and a x570 board now just not to worry about future upgrades..
  15. I already have this: Corsair CP-9020179-NA RMX Series... https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B079HGN5QS?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share So I think that should be enough.