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  1. a quick question what output would you use for this pc the quadro or the gtx does it matter
  2. how did you get the screen shot i tried twice its just a black screen when i paste to paint
  3. you can get a plating kit gaterosplating.co.uk/ they have example videos copper to chrome or very shiny sliver

    IMG 1869

    you went for all the colours
  5. cccleaner should be able to sort that if its a registry error
  6. go to services by typing it in the search bar then scroll all the way down to windows update the right click the service named 'windows update' then click start. try running it after that has been started
  7. i have cleared my BIOS a few times and still no luck all 8 cores show up on resource monitor but just under task manager only shows 6. a windows reistnall may do the trick but cant do that atm
  8. hello people i got a i7 875K its a quad core 8 threads been using it for over 2 years and suddenly under task manager there is only 6 Threads. anyone know how to get rid of it and enable all my cores thanks people
  9. if its not the gpu check out the cpu temps or re seat the cooler may help
  10. any cheap router will do better than that lol grab a nice netgear
  11. its a good show not gonna brag about it though
  12. 3 way sli is beast. nice overclock is that with water? i give it a 8/10
  13. BBDRIX

    photo 1