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  1. davo1111

    First Person View RC Car Racing!!

    looks fantastic. I'd try and keep it simple, in terms of numbers of cars. Especially considering all the upkeep required. I'd also consider 3d printing a case, so if the car rolls, components are not damaged. FYI you can get receivers that plug into TVs etc, so people can watch while in line. IMO your biggest challenge is going to be batteries. Work out how many races you can have in the battery life and how long it takes to charge. It sounds like the traxxis batteries are proprietary? Can you parallel charge?
  2. davo1111

    Linus Fixes Click Bait Titles

    You changed the title (added "powerpoint") after publishing. I thought you'd made a stand against misleading or clickbait titles?
  3. davo1111

    Linus Fixes Click Bait Titles

    Latest technlinked video. - NEW Intel... "Musclebooks"!? clearly shows a "tough book" in the thumbnail. why? The current toughbook has a i5-7300U, at least 5 times slower than the announced musclebook. (passmark)
  4. davo1111

    Best Laptops for Students.. and anyone on a budget

    The intro to the video says that it's days before school starts, so really these products can be picked up from retailers, or next day delivery online. Eluktronics website says 2-3 business days dispatch Plus, adding extras like ram, SSD etc is not the easiest task for the most basic consumer.
  5. I've answered the question you asked.
  6. davo1111

    Microsoft Word 2003 - How to save in DocX?

    you can get 2010 pro plus for $25*, or probably for free through your school/uni. *via reddit, bulk licensing afaik
  7. Just like putting your car on a dyno, there's an inherit risk of reaching the maximum capabilities of electronics. However, it is a good metric that the item works, and allows you to easily compare models.
  8. davo1111

    Best Laptops for Students.. and anyone on a budget

    on /r/chromeos there were quite a few "hurt" souls upset with you turning down chromebooks as a viable option. As someone who did uni with one, I have to agree with your analysis though. Yeah I could do "most" stuff on the chromebook, but then when i got caught out, i had to spend time on workarounds. For the small price increase for a windows PC (sometimes if at all), it's just easier to get a windows machine. I like my chromebook, but am realistic of it's limitations. tbh, when a friend asks me for an entry level laptop advice, I jump on various local websites, - sort by price, screen size, remove certain brands, and bingo, im down to a few options. Also, things might have changed, but i really don't like the "felt" keyboard on the surface series. I'm sure for every hater, there is someone who loves it, but my work surface just got filthy very quickly, and i didnt like the typing feel. The build quality though, i felt was fantastic.
  9. davo1111

    Nest Cams are a BIG SCAM

    edit: nvm
  10. davo1111

    Nest Cams are a BIG SCAM

    My subscriptions page (not front page) isnt showing this video. Anyone know what is happening?
  11. provided the original review looked at the locked results, i dont see the issue.
  12. davo1111

    Can you add too much thermal paste?

    just wipe it off and start from scratch. take a pic with your mobile in case it happens again
  13. davo1111

    What to look for when shopping for a Microwave?

    bring your biggest (squarest) container and see if it fits.
  14. Any pro-gamers who use one? Actually i'll widen the field to any high level professional that requires quick and accurate mouse movements