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    Astrophysics, Computational Physics
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    Undergrad Physics student/Structured procrastinator
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  • CPU
    AMD A-10 7700k
  • Motherboard
    AsRock FM2A88X+ BTC
  • RAM
    G.Skill RipjawsX Dual Channel DDR3 8GB @ 2133 MhZ
  • GPU
    Sapphire AMD Radeon R7 250 1GB GDDR5 with Boost
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    Deepcool Tesseract SW
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    Seagate Barracuda 500GB
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    Corsair builder series CX500
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    18.5" Dell D1920f
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212x
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K200
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    HP KY619AA
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  1. I know this is an old thread. Sorry for digging this up from the grave. But man this PC has such precious memories now! Since this build, I finished my Bachelor's, moved out of the city (in which I lived for nearly 20 years), finished my Master's during which my parents moved out of my childhood home(which is where I built this PC) and I ended up getting a Data Analyst job! My life is totally different from when I built this PC.... but the PC still works! It is obviously not my primary machine (been the case for nearly the last 2 years. I currently have a Acer VX-15 laptop.) but every time I go back to my parent's place and look at it, it is so nostalgic. Also in the middle of all this, my brother got married and this PC will be going to my nephew in a few months time (obviously with a few upgrades)! In the middle of all the benchmarking and other techy stuff, we really don't talk enough about the emotional aspects of owning a PC. LIke, I bet I won't have this sorta attachment if it was a console. Worth every penny - I had friends over for gaming night, I applied for my Master's degree with this, I took several MOOCs on it (which inspired me to go for the Master's in the first place!), I learnt to code in Python .... so MANY MEMORIES! Sorry, for all the cheesiness but I don't think this log would be complete without it...
  2. If LTT just kept showing off tech stuff there are hundreds of other YT channels that do the same. I can watch 'em instead of this one and call it a day. It is for the humorous(or atleast an attempt to be humorous) approach to stuff, that I really like about this channel. Keep it up. More dick jokes, mishaps, ghetto builds would be lovely!!! :-D BTW, people LEARN TO TAKE A JOKE!!!! Also Linus, can you put a calc in those boxers too? You seem to have put one there..........and the calc seems....big..... EDIT:- I forgot! I want to see if those boxers are also pickpocket free! Luke, cooperate!! :-D
  3. Private room, Chair, table, Good games(preferably not Ubisoft :-D jk ), tri-hourly coffee supply! :-D
  4. Right...then an old i3 based build with a humble mobo and 8GB RAM would probably do right? (again, focusing on Case and PSU for future upgradability)...
  5. The main question here is - Do you have to buy peripherals or you already have 'em?? If you already have 'em, I really feel you should go for an APU based build. Since this is a gaming rig CPU doesn't matter 'that' much. Just make sure you have 4 CPU cores in your APU. Also for the time being you might get an R7 240 or 250 and go for Dual Graphics(Hybrid crossfire). Of course, it is not a really good solution as of now(if only AMD push their asses and optimize their drivers, jesus!!) but for the money it is good. Later you can upgrade to a discrete graphic card. If you have to buy peripherals, For this budget craigslist is the place or else your friend must learn to be happy with a 720p medium settings gaming machine. You can always upgrade a year after. If you are fine with that then get an older i3, an R7 250, 4GB RAM and something like that. Just focus on a proper case and PSU so as to give you room for future upgrades. IF ALL OF THESE FAIL, BE PATIENT AND SAVE UP....YOUR TIME WILL COME. TL;DR:- (Lets try something interesting. Hmmm... I am really starting to forget C. Lets brush up shall we?) #include<stdio.h> int peripherals; char answer[100]; void main() { printf("What about peripherals?\nOptions:\n1. Already Have\n2.Don't have\n"); scanf("%d", &peripherals); if(peripherals==1) { answer="Go for an APU based build"; printf("\n%s", answer); } else if(peripherals==2) { answer="Go to Craigslist or build a low end PC while having room for future upgrades"; printf("\n%s", answer); } } *I am tryin' to relearn C you see :-p*
  6. This app looks absolutely baller!! Good job OP!
  7. I suppose now you can go for a better graphic card or a better monitor to go with the graphic card? Or are you just going to build the PC you mentioned above and buy some games to play with the extra money? (I would go with the latter since your build is already pretty good. After all what is a gaming PC without games to play on it!)
  8. Just one more thing....why not go for Dual channel memory? EDIT:- Something like this . You just have to spend $6 or so more....
  9. Just wanna update that I bought the UPS I mentioned last and it works great! Thanks everyone for your help, especially to, @W-L ! Cheers!
  10. If you are going to go for a $200 graphic then at least one more fan might help(total 3 fans). Coz' graphic cards generate a lotta heat and you will have to somehow direct it out of your case without distributing the heat inside the case itself to other components.
  11. Whoa! If you put in another $100 you could get a better graphic card and suddenly you will start getting kick ass 1080p gaming performance ! But you might have to get some extra fans or something to cool things down a bit. In addition, check if your Case would support the form factor of the graphic and your power supply will be able to survive. From what I see in newegg maybe R9 280. But don't take my word! I have never actually bought a high end graphic card. Someone else can help I suppose.
  12. Wait...wait...if you have a PC already, will you be selling it? Then you can make money out of that and add it to increase the budget of your present build right? Or have you already taken that into account in your budget?
  13. This. BTW @d1screet Nice build mate! If you are going to put up a build log I would follow. I love budget gaming builds! If you had time put up some benchmarks too.
  14. Give us a number. Like 1000 USD or whatever your currency is.