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  1. I have a problem with my motherboard's rgb because I tried to switch on different colors but some of em is mismatch to the real color In this picture as you can see the AORUS text rgb is different on the Aorus logo rgb i choose pink color on this one. On this photo i selected WHITE RGB COLOR, I guess the AORUS TEXT rgb color is more accurate than the AORUS logo's color This last picture I choose TEAL RGB COLOR, but the AORUS logo is more accurate than the AORUS TEXT colors I am the only one experiencing this issue? Is the defective rgb board?
  2. I tried to install it but im stuck at Please Wait and it makes my computer frozen and unresponsive
  3. I have MOBO: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi GPU: MSI 1660 Ti Gaming X RAM: G Skill Trident RGB I would like to know how can I sync the RGB of the memory mobo and gpu?
  4. Current Rig CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: Palit 1050ti Dual OC MOBO: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi RAM: Hyper X fury 8gb ddr4 2400mhz PSU: Seasonic 620w 80+ bronze Im planning to upgrade my old GPU to MSI 1660 Ti Gaming X 6gb My main purpose of upgrade is for streaming 720p60fps or 1080p and recording 1080p and gaming also. 1.) Does the gpu and cpu will bottleneck? 2.) Does the gpu(msi lights) will sync to mobo(gigabyte lights)? 3.) Lastly pros and cons of this upgrade 1660 gpu and r5 2600 EDIT: I'm upgrading my RAM also to g.skill trident rgb 2x8 32000mhz
  5. I'm planning to upgrade my old memory(RAM) from Hyper X Fury DDR4 8gb 2400mhz to G.Skillz Trident Z RGB 32000mhz 2x8gb. I have a few questions. 1.) There are 2 variants of Trident Z, one is for Intel which is (GTZR) and the second one is for AMD which is (GTZRX). Will the Intel variant will work on AMD? Because I ask the computer store sales agent they said it will work. 2.) Will the G.Skillz Trident Z RGB 32000mhz 2x8gb rgbs can be sync on my mobos (B450 Auros PRO WiFi) rgb also?
  6. So I already bought some parts for my upgrade PSU: Seasonic M12 620W(full modular) RAM: 1 Hyper X DDR4 (2400mHz 8gb) MOBO: (depends on what cpu I will buy) SOFTWARES will be use: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, (1080p60ps, 1080p or 720p60fs, 720p) and OBS for streaming. Right now I'm struggling which CPU should I use. Should I go to (Intel i5 8400 or Ryzen 5 1600) So..the main purpose of my upgrade is to stream, (2017 to 2018 play AAA games) and rendering. My monitor is cheap $130 23.5" resolution is 1080 60hz Can you guys give me the pros and cons of the two cpu?
  7. ZixteE

    Static green light

    i used hdmi to hdmi ill try to use different cable later
  8. Last September 2017 I bought new monitor i have no issues until this last 3 weeks ago regarding with the glowing green color on every corners of my monitor. When i turned on my PC when my monitor turns on there's no green light in corners (see the picture) during windows starting(windows 7) there's still problem. But then right after my computer booted up on desktop (see the pictures) the green thingy shows up. On upper right corner of my monitor when i opened google chrome and minimize it or closed it the (minimize, maximize and X 'close') buttons will remain like shadowed(screen burn). Then after several minutes the green thingy will gone and my monitor will back to normal. (FAULTY GPU? 'palit 1050ti dual oc') i just bought this GPU 2 days ahead before buying my new monitor. I already update my GPU driver but the green thing still shows up.
  9. Btw this is my specs CPU: i3-3240 GPU: Palit 1050ti OC DUAL MOBO: h61m-c RAM: 2x 4gb hyperX ddr3 PSU 550watts
  10. i see im nervous because i posted the same issue on reddit and someone said bad gpu, i i bought this gpu 2 days go
  11. thank you for your fast reply, is this a common problem for new gpu installed? the flickering thing?
  12. thank you for your fast reply, is this a common problem for new gpu installed? the flickering thing?
  13. Hello I just installed my new GPU but i have this problem my screen keeps on blinking to black when playing games or even thou im on idle on desktop. The blinking black screen took 1 second and it repeats in every 5 sec when im on gaming/idle on desktop. The connection i used to connect my gpu to monitor is this. HDMI to VGA and this VGA