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Everything posted by ObeseWalrus

  1. ObeseWalrus


    Nothing really, just wait and don't try to resist arrest when they come knocking.
  2. ObeseWalrus


    You're fucked mate, Don't do stupid shit. Google knows all.
  3. ObeseWalrus


    Good insight on the privacy issues, I really like your stance on memes.
  4. ObeseWalrus


  5. Specs are cool and all but what about support? What happens when one of these inevitably breaks?
  6. ObeseWalrus

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    This is a super interesting product, makes couch gaming everywhere a posibillity.
  7. ObeseWalrus

    Can we start calling Windows 10...........Windows X

    >Macaroni fanboys >Because that's just stupid. Seems like someone is on the hate bandwagon...
  8. ObeseWalrus

    Can we start calling Windows 10...........Windows X

    MSX sounds more like OS X tho even if it's actually said like OS ten
  9. ObeseWalrus

    Can we start calling Windows 10...........Windows X

    MSX it is, have been calling it that for a while now
  10. ObeseWalrus

    The "New" Razer Blade

    I'm set with my current rig (4770k GTX 970) for the next 4 or 5 years but when time comes i'm gonna get something like this.
  11. ObeseWalrus

    Just got a 970 :)

    People find all sorts of excuses to be cynical.
  12. ObeseWalrus

    Worst Community you have ever been a member of?

    This is a contender
  13. I shut my computer down when I'm gone for longer periods of time or i go to bed.
  14. ObeseWalrus

    8 (or is it 10??) Gamers, 1 CPU

    R E H A S H E D C O N T E N T
  15. ObeseWalrus

    Fury X giveaway

    I run my 2500k with a gtx 570 because my 970 broke
  16. Meh, I already pay for Spotify and I don't want to pay for another service.
  17. ObeseWalrus

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Some Faroese Folk Metal in Gøtudanskt.
  18. Brace yourselves, low quality cars are coming your way. Speaking from experience.
  19. When are we getting a review? @nicklmg
  20. As the title says, I need to set up a DNS and DHCP server on CentOS 7. Every guide I have tried failed so some help would be appreciated.
  21. Sorry for ignoring you guys, but the issue has been solved. The network configurations in the building was wrong so it made it impossible to do both. @Cantanko @Electronics Wizardy
  22. ObeseWalrus

    Project Rhino - A HEX GEAR R80 prototype build

    Fedt setup med voldsomme specs, men kommer kabinettet ikke til at se lidt tomt ud?
  23. Because it's a part of an assignment.