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  1. oh no what is coil-whine? My system seems to be working fine though. How would I know if it's defective?
  2. I have a bran new evga supernova 1000w 80+ gold and Sometimes when I first turn the computer on it makes this weird electrical buzzing sound...kind of like and computing sound of some sorts. Anybody heard of this?
  3. I'll run red dead 2 and see what happens. Just weird that none of the bench marks max it out. even the aida64 gpu stress test did the same thing.
  4. I have a EVGA RTX 2080 ti ftw3 ultra and I'm over clocking on precision x1. Voltage, power, and temp sliders and moved all the way to the right, i have a stable oc on the clock of +150 and I have a memory oc of 1200 but when I run time spy or heaven the memory only goes to 8000mhz (7000mhz base). When I drop it to +1000 it only runs at 7800mhz? Is somthing wrong with my gpu?! FYI temps stay around 62-64c druing stress and only spike to 67c a few times for just a second.
  5. Thank you! That makes sense! So I should focus on tdie temp yes!?
  6. Thank you! What’s the difference between the different cpu temps? CCD1, CCD2,CPU DIE average, and Tctl/Tdie
  7. I have 3 main questions! What is the best test to run to stress the cpu out and test temps? what is the best software to observe cpu temps? Ryzen master and hardware monitor showing two different temps. i ran the stress test on cpuz and ran all the blender test and ryzen master peek cpu temp was 68c and peek cpu temp for hardware was 75c. Are these good temps? bonus question! What are bad temps for the 3950x?
  8. Yeah I think I did that before I installed windows. I'm using BIOS version 11 for my x570 master.
  9. OK so when I get the replacement and set the xmp I should be good to go. Yes I've updated everything I think. Went to mobo website and downloading everything...even the apps lol. yes Ryzen Balance is on
  10. My gpu seems to be under performing. I had bought an alienware ryzen edition and returned it because I was unhappy with the gross amount of money I spent and the product and I just built my own computer. GPU just came in today and I threw it in, updated the drivers and ran it in heaven and to my shock It was scoring very low...avg fps around 200 vs the alienware 220 and a huge avg 10-15fps less in FF15. This computer should be way better so I'm confused. I'm trying to understand the problem so I'll go over a few things I think it might be. First my system specs Ryzen 9 3950x EVGA RTX 2080 ti ftw3 ultra 16gb of trident z royal 3600mhz 16cl x570 aorus master mobo evga supernova 1000w 80g+ Alenware's specs Ryzen 7 3700x PONY RTX 2080 ti blower 16g hyper x fury 2666mhz random motherboard random 850w psu I have the ram sticks in the wrong slots. I have my two sticks at A1 and B1 instead of A2 and B2 like the mobo says. It's like this for a reason. I had got 32gb of the ram but one kit's rgb was out so I returned it. the dead kits was in slots a2 and b2...I cant switch it over because I'm using the dark rock pro 4 cooler and it covers the a1 slot...and I'm not taking that cooler off if i don't have to. to make it worse the kit that's in there is only running at 2133mhz and xmp wont work on it...I figured because of them being in the wrong slots. Could this really bottle neck my gpu? While I was waiting for this gpu to come in I was using an 1080 i had laying around so I could boot the computer and update everything. Well today when my new beefy gpu come in I booted it up ran geforce experience and I thought I had hit download new driver, but a driver had already been downloaded for the 1080 and I installed it. Thinking this might be the problem I went to the nvidia websit and downloaded the right driver for my card...but that didn't help I'm only using one vga cable that splits off into two 6+2 pin connectors... I heard for a gpu this power hungry you should use two cables coming from the psu...Is that correct and will it really hurt my gpu's performance? In all my benchmarking in heaven and playing games my card never goes above 55c and stay at 2085-2100mhz which is way better than the alienwares 1990mhz and 67c. I'm kind of confused...I'm hoping its the ram and when i get my new kit it will fix it self when I use the xmp proflie. Anybody got any idea?
  11. Thank you! I again was very worried lol
  12. I just built my first computer, but I think I have a problem. I got the EVGA RTX 2080ti FTW3 Ultra and the x570 Aorus Master omother board. When I plug it into the top pcie slot it's right up on the chipset fan (blocking some air flow) and on top of my M.2B slot. Does this mean my gpu is incompatible or is this normal?
  13. Thank you! On my way to download drivers now...I do have a question. My 3950x wont boost to 4.7..not even close. it's only reached about 4.06 and temps never go above 70. I have a dark rock pro 4 cooling the cpu...it's missing the front fan because I had to send a kit of ram back and don't want to have to remove the fan again to put ram in...so i know I'm missing some cooling, but under full load (stressing it with cpuz) not going above 70...I thought I would be boosting higher...could this be a driver issue?
  14. Just got done building my first pc (with a lot of help from everybody here so thank you) posted, got windows installed, and ran thought windows update, but I got a question. Do I need to update my MOBO driver on my own or did windows take care of it? Also one of my ram sticks was dead =( , but the other two are not running at their 3600 speed...should I be worried?
  15. I think i figured it out...wasn't on the x570 version....lol