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  1. Kerplex


    Go brush your teeth now!
  2. Kerplex

    How big are your biceps?

    I'm calling you out. There is no way you worked for over a year there and you're only 21. Don't BS an actual member of Law enforcement. I remember talking to you back in the old forum days, cadet program Sorry for going off topic here OP.
  3. Kerplex

    How big are your biceps?

    Cadet days
  4. Kerplex

    What is a decent OC for the 270x?

    Hawks are nice little cards, my wife's 270X ( no longer has it) was a beast at OC'ing.
  5. Kerplex

    Is Battlefield Hardline a separate game?

    FH2 is great, but you know what i mean, the mod scene was superb.
  6. Kerplex

    help with NCIX order

    The ugly NCIX forum works for me, just give them a call when they open and see whats up.
  7. Kerplex

    Is Battlefield Hardline a separate game?

    Vanilla BF2 was pretty meh, the mods are what made it enjoyable
  8. Kerplex

    Why are people still using SMS in 2015?

    I use this crazy thing called my voice and call people.
  9. Kerplex

    R9 290 low gpu usage

    Guessing you got the card recently? Return it and either get your money back or exchange for another card. GPU usage flucuates with my cards sometimes, but frames don't.
  10. Kerplex

    So AMD sends me a Free A10-7850K

    Sad. Oh yes that reminds me when Audi sent me an S4 since i mentioned one time i liked them. Here it is in my driveway.
  11. Kerplex

    PC vs PS4 vs XboxOne

    Never seen this topic before, silly kids.
  12. Kerplex

    Should I get either of these mice?

    Pretty much every store has the 502 in stock, i'd suggest going in to one and trying it. Personally it felt horrible in my hand, larger hand/palm grip. @Morpheus
  13. Kerplex

    How old is your mousepad?

    Same as what i have.
  14. Kerplex

    Battlefield bad company 2

    2100 currently playing on PC
  15. Kerplex

    Do people actually use the "Classifieds" tab?

    I have lots of stuff i could toss on there like mice, cases, couple keyboards...ect, but i'd just rather give it away to someone local for nothing.