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  1. Keeper_of_Precepts

    How to Make an Awesome Midplate

    this is awesome! I think i will try this. How much did it cost you to engrave the entire thing? Im in melbourne and each place is quoting between 100-200 dollars
  2. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Hardline workshop

    For your rigid tubing, what was the ID/OD that you used? Is there a preferred size and does it make a difference?
  3. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Frozen q liquid fusion pump top

    Hi guys, I have a liquid fusion reservoir: ~ http://www.frozenqshop.com/lf-reaction-250mm-cylinder-reservoir/ and a D5 pump. Does anyone know if there is a compatible pump top that would allow me to mount the res directly onto the pump? Thanks! ​ ​
  4. Keeper_of_Precepts

    GTX 750

  5. Keeper_of_Precepts

    GTX 750

    Has anyone heard any news of the GTX 750, and its release date?
  6. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Electric Orange [Completed with Final Photo's]

    WOW thats amazing :3 well done!
  7. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Watercooling Pumps

    THANKS GUYS! I followed your advice and bought the EK top. That top is basically eye candy and goes well with my rig, so its on its way thankyou!
  8. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Phantom Water-Cooled Build

    Actually there was no modding required. NZXT offer a windowed panel that you buy seperately! I still have the original side panel lying around somewhere
  9. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Watercooling Pumps

    WOW thats a lot! thanks for the reply! May I ask, how does the EK-XTop improve performance?
  10. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Watercooling Pumps

    Hi everyone I have a MCP655 pump and was wondering if it would be able to cope with 2 dual radiators to cool a CPU and a gtx 670? Would another pump be recommended for that? Thanks!
  11. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Phantom Water-Cooled Build

    AHA I completely understand :3
  12. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Phantom Water-Cooled Build

    WOW THANKS SO MUCH sorry for the really late reply, im a uni student so dont get much time to check!
  13. Keeper_of_Precepts

    MetallicAcid's ROG V Gene TJ08-E

    this is... amazing. looks fantastic! cant wait to see it finished!
  14. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Phantom Water-Cooled Build

    Indeed. From where i sit at my desk, you cant see the pump as the side panel completely covers it up
  15. Keeper_of_Precepts

    Phantom Water-Cooled Build