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  1. Updating the BIOS to the latest available resolved the issue.
  2. I have a really weird issue, not sure if anyone on here might have a solution. I recently upgraded to 2x CMK16GX4M2A2400C16 and 2x CMK16GX4M2A2400C16R in my machine on a MSI Z270M Mortar board with an Intel 7600K. The issue is it failed to post with the two red sticks, even after trying a single stick of each with just 1 stick of RAM in the machine, so I assumed they were DOA. The weird part is they worked in my mates AsRock Z170 board running an 6600K without issues. Upon further inspection the set that works is Ver 3.31 while the not worked set is Ver 8.3 (I believe this is the specific DRAM chips based on what I can find online) I have reset the BIOS after every failed boot/installing new RAM. Is it worth trying to update the BIOS or should I just get different RAM?
  3. With the 5820k I would be able to build the video editing machine that I want to use for doing school projects and game play videos.