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  1. Yes, the VRM channel is anodized alu, which you can bet won't stop galvanic corrosion at this price point (the anodizing has to be completely perfect, which it won't be on a consumer product).


    Do not use the VRM block in your loop unless you're running a corrosion inhibitor, and in fact, just don't bother using it at all. The board will show zero performance differences with it running air.

    We tested it at work on a seperate loop with one rad and we got about 10-15 degrees Celsius lower

  2. the link above is a relatively cheap option and has a depth with a vesa wall mount at about 61mm. the width and height both are within your criteria. Another question about your requirements; how important is latency, color quality, and cost?

    Hope that helps :)

    I had a look at it and it looks physically ok for the case, they will mainly be used for Gaming and Editing for a youtube channel


    so Latency under 10ms gtg

    colour quality decent

    Budget of around 800 usd


    i am currently using three of these https://www.asus.com/nz/Monitors_Projectors/VE248H/ so similar specs to these would be fine