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  1. jclappers

    $800 mobo + cpu, Opinions

    Looks like a 4770K and an Asus Sabertooth Z87
  2. jclappers

    $800 mobo + cpu, Opinions

    That is my current debate, Sabertooth + 4770K or X79 Dark + 3930K he gave me a pcpartpicker list to an i5 and a mobo that would be around 300-400, i am looking at around 800 usd for a cpu/mobo combo
  3. jclappers

    $800 mobo + cpu, Opinions

    the one im looking at is an i5 and 300-400 altogether
  4. jclappers

    $800 mobo + cpu, Opinions

    Why should i get them though
  5. jclappers

    $800 mobo + cpu, Opinions

    I was looking for suggestions as to what cpu and motherboard to get, i have some of the components such as the case and cpu cooler
  6. i think it depends what colour the cables you're lacing are, but yes i understand where you're coming from
  7. Just an idea, but to tidy up the cables you could use Cable lacing, it was on the build log of the week and looks pretty awesome :)
  8. Also another Kiwi, this is the best example of the Kiwi DIY i have come across, you sir are the god of Custom Built PC's. just amazing.
  9. jclappers

    "Yellow Grange", an air cooled MSI build

    Looks awesome, quite a big heatsink in a small case, looks like it just fits
  10. jclappers

    Project FrostBlue [updated at 07/01/13]

    Looks amazing, only flaw is the top of the heat sink which could do with a polish :P, na its fine, so clean
  11. jclappers

    My first bulid: The Phantom

    I have had a very similar setup, both hardware and monitors etc for about a month and am loving it, enjoy it
  12. jclappers

    Haswell R4 build "Abaddon"

    even then though it can ruin the components, its uncommon but does happen
  13. jclappers

    Haswell R4 build "Abaddon"

    Tip for the future, dont put the mobo on the anti static bag, put it on the box next time, otherwise looks great
  14. jclappers

    Gaming Rig, Opinions?

    My Opinion, dont get the pro just get the 840 the pro is a little bit better but for alot more
  15. Ive done some work for both Asus and Corsair so i get 50% off most products for corsair and lifetime warranties for any asus products, therefore i will be keeping the same PSU, cant hurt plus i may get a second GPU later. after looking at the samsung 840 i may switch to it, Ram is 1866Mhz, Basic adobe stuff and 3dvia and art of illusion, and my old machine had an i3 3220 on a Gigabyte ga-b75m with a 500gb hdd
  16. So i am finally upgrading in 3-4 weeks and want your opinions on what i have chosen so far Will be used for Gaming, Video editing and 3D modelling Motherboard - Asus Sabertooth Z87 CPU - Intel I7 4770K CPU heatsink - Corsair h100I Case - Corsair Carbide air 540 GPU - Asus Geforce GTX 780 Ram - Corsair Vengence Pro Silver (2x8) SSD - Corsair Force 240 GB PSU - Corsair AX760I Let me know what you think
  17. jclappers

    DodgyChris's Gaming Rig

    Thats got very similar specs to what i want to upgrade too, let me know how she runs
  18. jclappers

    Choosing PSU

    If your wanting to monitor your psu then get the ax 760i otherwise just get a seasonic like Glenwing suggested
  19. jclappers

    [Rebuild] Corsie the blue Corsair 600T

    That looks amazing, so tempted to get my 600t paint blue
  20. jclappers

    What Case?

    my brothers got a 400r and ive got the 600t and the 600t looks so much better
  21. jclappers

    Choosing PSU

    AX860 or ax860i, if you want to monitor your psu go with the 860i otherwise the ax860 will be fine
  22. jclappers

    Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 - The Perfect Case?

    I definately want one for my next build
  23. jclappers

    What Case?

    i have a white 600T with an ax860 and they both look great and work quite well, let me know if youve got any questions about the case
  24. jclappers

    Choosing PSU

    get the AX860 just incase, its what ive got and it hasnt let me down