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  1. jclappers

    I call it Corsus!

    Intel Corsus*
  2. jclappers


    I have a samsung 840 240GB as Boot and storage for all my editing software and my most frequently played games, then a seagate barracuda 2TB for the rest of my games and videos and movies
  3. The thing that will reduce flow in this build is where it splits into three
  4. I dont think it matters which way through it goes
  5. jclappers

    Arc Midi R2 - First Build

    I had a similar problem in my build and i routed the power cables through a higher point in the case and zip tied them there and they help support the gpu now
  6. The Wind probably saw his desk and thought it would be perfect for builds of the week but seeing as it isnt completed yet, they cant put it in as it is only for completed builds
  7. I'm surprised at how many NZ people there are on the Forums, just good ol Kiwis playing their part helping others :P
  8. jclappers

    My first modding attempts 550D WC+Sleeve

    If possible i would make the tubing runs a little shorter but otherwise very good first attempt so far
  9. jclappers

    first gaming build help

    Even then you will still be getting responses internationally, eg myself in new zealand, some of my friends in america
  10. jclappers

    first gaming build help

    Told you guys here are so helpful
  11. jclappers

    Snowie - 600T by TECHNOMASTER500

    Nice ;P i cut the cross beams in the top fan grill above the fans out and it runs alot quieter
  12. jclappers

    bitfenix prodigy red edition

    Look at that little Impact, its so cute, :P
  13. jclappers

    Possible build

    Purple isnt the problem (http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/31214-wip-snefs-purple-chimera-completed/) Grey is
  14. Keen, and i doubt this should make build logs of the week, more like build logs of life
  15. Well im in Auckland which is a bit closer, i would drive down to pick it up :P
  16. jclappers

    My personal RIG.

    What is the 540 like, im thinking about getting it
  17. So the budget is $1200 US for a heavily gaming orientated build with video recording capabilities Let me know what you think will be good Will be built in New Zealand so i may not have access to some parts but we can always find alternatives
  18. Still waiting on those pics :P
  19. jclappers

    Custom server case

    Personally i would have moved the psu to the other side and flipped it, unless you have put a gpu in there. then its able to take air from outside and the heatsink isnt blocked off
  20. jclappers

    Arc Under Water [Bitspower, EK, and Alphacool deliciousness]

    Looks great and that radiator in the front, wow just wow thats thick
  21. Thats what everyone following is waiting for, so i hope so
  22. All the other components have been decided, Red and Black theme, Will be used for Gaming and Video editing with a 4770K What i want is your opinion on which one of these two motherboards too get with a GOOD reason why i should get that motherboard i dont want because i like it better for example Asus Maximus VI Hero or Asus Sabertooth Z87 Thanks in advance for any help you guys give me
  23. jclappers

    Hero or Sabertooth

    Thanks for all the posts, i will have a look around at some of the other motherboards suggested and see what they are like