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  1. jclappers

    How to easely add a drain

    this is similar to what im doing and it works beautifully
  2. jclappers

    One core is 10 degrees cooler

    Block and hammer method with a cpu, doesnt sound right at all the risk isnt worth it for me, but i might try it when i upgrade in 3-4 years
  3. jclappers

    Water cooling help

    If you just want to cool your cpu, then go with a AIO kit from corsair for example, otherwise do what ghost said
  4. jclappers

    Corsair C70 Vengeance Liquid Cooled Military Build

    I hpe you didnt make those holes while it was on the case and post some pics of the stealth cd drive pls
  5. jclappers

    help? Advice for water cooling noob.

    Yeah i would recommend just getting another AIO kit, they're more secure and the res is usually difficult to secure well
  6. jclappers

    Corsair 900D

    you can also use c48's although they only have 1 o-ring whereas the c47's have 2
  7. jclappers

    fan compatability?

    H100i works fine with just pull, ive had cpu at 100% for a few hours and it didnt get above 55 celsius
  8. jclappers

    Corsair 900D

    i think there may be two loops
  9. jclappers

    primochill rigid acrylic help

    what they said ^
  10. He has haha and they did for a bit, but then they returned
  11. jclappers

    H100i Push Pull In What mid tower case?

    The only reason you should do push/pull is if you like the look of it or you have too much money, in which case feel free to give us all some
  12. jclappers

    Quick H100 noob question

    Ive got a H100i in pull, CPU hasn't gone over 55 Celsius even when stress testing it, and its easier to clean the front of the rad
  13. jclappers

    H100i Mounting Question

    Would defs not recommend it, ive got one and it didnt feel very secure when i just had the end ones in when mounting it
  14. There must be some moderators watching this build log
  15. Just spent the last 2 hours trying to find this little guy http://www.bitspower.com/html/product/pro_show.aspx?num=81092011&kind2=55
  16. Not yet, but i have to do most of it at my old school because i dont have all of the tools Maybe Rimu like yours
  17. My desk plan, 1.5m x .95m so it fits in my room, about an inch under most of the surface for cables, glass will be on 2 hydraulic arms pic.twitter.com/FaOznCvK4A
  18. Ive been inspired and planned my own desk, didnt do the pipes because im pretty new to sketchup though, and i cant seem to put a pic up
  19. haha, you so funny, of course itll be in botw
  20. jclappers

    THE Network (Network buildlog)

    Subbed, it is technically a computer related build log
  21. I have done some planning for my desk now, keep failing at sketch up though, will show you a picture of a hand drawing later
  22. *Elite Modder and Sleever* so true, and yay its finally finished and looking amazeballs
  23. Have you read any of the last few comments, one of the 680's was smoking and he had to RMA the mobo