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    AMD Pnenom II X4 955 3.20GHz
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    8GB 667MHz
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    Gigabyte GTX 970
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    HAF 922
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    Samsung 1TB HDD
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    Corsair AX750
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    Razer Lycosa
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    Steelseries Kana
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    Steelseries Siberia V2
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    Windows 7 Professional

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  1. Hello folks, so I am currently trying to get some better cable management for my Siberia 840 base, I have tried setting it up with a powered USB hub, and I were able to get power through to the Base, however I am unable to get the audio through the USB Hub, do you guys have suggestions ?
  2. This sort of screen tearing is everywhere. Scrolling in browsers and trying to watch YouTube videos and what not.
  3. Hello folks, So i've experienced some heavy screen tearing lately, and now it gotten way too much, i dont know if its just me just noticing it now, how bad it is, but its seriously horrible. I tried to use some other settings that I read online should help, but it still doesnt. All of my 3D settings are default, expect for: V-Sync on, triple buffering on, and FXAA. Specs: i7 5820k, GTX 970, 16GB Ram, Samsung SyncMaster SA350 monitor, CPU is OCed to 4.4Ghz the GPU is stock. SSD 850 Evo. - OS W10. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the advice InVis, however the ISP doesnt provide you with any router in this case.
  5. Im just wondering, would it work? My friend doesnt understand much on the networking part, and he doesnt want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so im just trying to figure out what is the best economical way, for him to get a good network, that can blow the pants of the average joe.
  6. Hello folks, so I am currently suggesting a friend of mine which router to purchase, however I got a question relating to this, as he is most likely to be using the wireless access on the router, which is also the reason why I've told him choose a better router, than buying a cheapo router and a cheapo access point. However heres my true question.. If he purchases a router that has 802.11ac and lets say in 5 years or so, the router becomes slow on the wireless part, however it is still up to date with the actual cord speed. Adding an access point, which protocols are newer, lets say 802.11ad, would this mean that if you're using the access point solely to access the wireless internet, it would be faster than if you used the router directly?
  7. Denmark has it too, we are just some people who choose to not notify the Government that charges us the money. Seriously its a yearly fee of 250 GBP in Denmark and the worst thing they can do, is force sign you up, in which you can easily get your self removed from. Further more, its not like they ''backtrack'' your use of television, they know they cant do anything, and are happy if you actually pay. PS: You must pay for this license if you own; A radio, cellphone with internet access, a computer with internet access or a tv. Monthly fee is 20-25 GBP.
  8. I cannot understand how anyone would spend 150$ or even near that on a controller for an xbox, its not like you are getting a steering wheel or anything, its just a controller.
  9. How do we get notified, and would they include some sort of advice on how to prevent this from happening again ?
  10. Why is these things always on epic sales, when the bank account says no?
  11. The best way is to list it on various used parts websites. I example Craigslist for your country, ebay, etc
  12. Any sort of server grade hardware degrades heavily in price after purchase, whether it be brand new or not. Most people who are willing to cash out for such expensive CPUs, are Businesses and they want full warranty and does not want to have any problems, so they buy directly from the store instead of buying used. Honestly, I've seen CPUs that cost over 3,000$ go for less than 800$ on Ebay, and those are from legit sellers.
  13. How did you setup your background like that? I assume its dynamic and not static.
  14. If you want good graphics.. Desktop is the way to go, honestly we're talking about a really old machine, its still doing good as game developer are still releasing games for it, but dont expect awesome graphics.
  15. That explains the sudden jump in the Nvidia stocks, couldn't really understand how it suddenly bumped up by 3.80$ a share just today.