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  1. Wow, it just automatically started now. :[ sorry.
  2. Need help, so about after a week today I try booting my pc, and it just wouldn't start. The fans light up and spin for a second and go off. The light on the power button stays on but it doesn't do anything of I press it again unless I switch off and back on the main wall switch. After doing that I press the power button, same thing happened. Any suggestions?
  3. Ummm ok if I give up on stock android and just stick to Nova launcher, what are the other Chinese options except Huawei? Mipad 4 isn't available here, it's priced with in my Budget but including the custom duty it'll cost me about as much as the basic ipad from 2018
  4. Budget - 200 to 250$ which is about 12000 to 15000 Rupees Location - India
  5. I've been an avid reader of comics and manga and my daily driver for such content consumption was solely my dear old Xiaomi Mi Pad 1st gen. I'm looking for an upgrade since this one's over 4 years old, never got updated past 4.4 KitKat and just has 2 GB of ram that makes it perform quite choppy. What I'm mainly looking for is if not stock, as clean as possible version of Android with a FHD display. My major use case would be to use it for reading and as a media streaming remote for my Chromecast. P.S. I don't mind iPads but I looked them up and the prices are too steep for my budget except ipad 2018 which doesn't seem to be worth it on price to value ratio, based on YouTube reviews. Any suggestions?
  6. Guys, I just looked up the specs of GTX 1660. It's a GDDR6 GPU, does ga-z97-d3h-p mobo support GDDR6?
  7. The rest is just Photoshop and premiere pro
  8. You mean 2 years for the GPU or the cpu? Because I'm pretty sure that my mobo is only upgradable to 5th gen CPUs, so if I need to change the cpu then along with it goes the mobo
  9. So which psu should I switch to??
  10. Mainly AAA titles and a few online games, recently started playing Apex legends, I'm getting 50-60 fps on lowest textures rest everything set to high, AC odyssey locked at 30fps low texture rest everything set to high at 720p
  11. Currently my pc is 5 years old... Configuration is: i7 4790k cpu Gigabyte z97d3hp ATX mobo Corsair vengeance ram 8x2 WD 120gb sata SSD and 2tb HDD Corsair VS 650 psu GTX 760 Asus*** Cooler master k380 case*** I'm looking forward to upgrading the GPU and switching up to a new case along with liquid cooling. Nothing else, since I'm on a budget. But my questions are a. Would this mobo support the newer GPUs like 1060 or 1660? b. Is i7 4790k good enough to survive another generation of gaming? c. Is it worth just upgrading the GPU in addition to better cooler and case, leaving the rest of the parts to be the same? d. Do I need to buy a new pc? (This would bump me down to a 1050ti which isn't really much of an upgrade or a 760) Also please suggest me some ATX cases with a smaller form factor. Only within cooler master and Corsair. I'm not in favour of NZXT since it's insanely overpriced in India
  12. It seems that disconnecting and reconnecting the GPU solved the issue for me.
  13. That's ubisoft's speculation not mine.