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  1. Nope, you can get the iiyama ProLite XUB2792QSU-B1 instead. A bit cheaper and the same panel as I know.
  2. I heard Activision and Ubisoft are in the focus already, but Ubisoft made some mistakes for the Episode 3 game and Lucasarts wants to choose Activision instead. I've read this on german gaming site gamestar.de
  3. Xiaomi Powerbank with 20.000mah I have it in use for a year now and it's still good
  4. even online ppl dont answer me 😩

    Ohh my mistake. I had this one in mind being a IPS monitor somehow lol Isn't there a IPS monitor from Dell?
  5. even online ppl dont answer me 😩

    Agree with that. Dell S2716DG is a great IPS monitor!
  6. even online ppl dont answer me 😩

    Most Panels are made from LG, so as @FloRolf said,there won't be much difference. I would still pick the BenQ monitor because I had only good experience with their monitors. Update: What graphics card do you have?? Product data: BenQ AMD FreeSync ASUS Nvidia G-Snyc
  7. optical drive is sooo 90's :-D
  8. Even though GPU prices are now higher than a year ago I would not buy them for that price. The value of the cards still went down. I bought my 6GB GTX 1060 in2016 for 330 Euro when a new GTX 1060 with 3GB was at 250 Euro. Why would I pay more than 200 Euro for a 2 year old used graphics card then? :-D Even 200 Euro is too high imo considering that nvidia will show it's newest GPU's in march and release them in april.
  9. Is it 1440p capable?

    I'm not sure. It could go wrong at some games. I would rather consider a 1070.
  10. Planning to buy new pc

    Instead of getting a Samsung SSD you could buy a crucial MX500. Those are a bit cheaper and also great.
  11. $100ish headset

    I always recommend the Sennheiser Game One. Even though it's a bit more expensive, but it has great sound and a very good mic. You can also take look at the Sennheiser GSP 350.