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    Intel i7 4790k
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    MSI Z87-G43
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    G.Skill ARES 16GB DDR3
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    Crucial MX500 1tb
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  1. Hip

    Cant switch from 60hz to 75hz...

    You need Display Port I believe for more than 60 Hz anyway.
  2. Hip

    Cant switch from 60hz to 75hz...

    Most 75Hz WQHD screens only support 75Hz with 1080p. My monitor does the same. Either you try to overclock your monitor, but 75Hz won't be possible at WQHD, or you live with 60Hz at 1440p. Maybe try at your Radeon software first to set the Frequency.
  3. Hip

    Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype!

    I want this with a transparent bezel on my wall! And a transparent smartphone!!
  4. Oh I have checked it and you seem to be right. When I use the stereo setting "Original" or "Stereo" I have no sound of voices. Only "Mono" works.
  5. I live in europe so I'm not sure if I can order from there. But the websites says the product is not available anyway
  6. Hey guys, since yesterday somehow VLC player won't output any voices in movies. When I open a movie I can hear the music and effect sounds only and I noticed when I turn my volume on max. I can hear voices of actors very quiet only. Did I click something wrong? How can I set this back? I even reinstalled VLC with resetting the setting and nothing changed! Thanks in advance!
  7. How good is the battery lifetime when using it for work and maybe music in the background? Do you know how much hours that would last? Thanks a a lot!!
  8. I have the HP Omen Accelerator to test the cable. So my games would lag when I play with 10GBps?
  9. Hey guys, is there any software to measure the transfer rate of a Thunderbolt 3 cable? I have seen that there are 40GBps (active) cables and 10GBps (passive) cables but I don't trust that online shops on ebay claiming a 15 $ cable can transfer 40GBps. So how can I test it so I could return it if it doesn't work. Thanks in advance!
  10. Can you tell me how good the colours of this screen are? Is it also good for watching movies?
  11. Couldn't find it before with duck duck go. Thanks
  12. Hey guys, I would like to get a new notebook with a decent display and fair specs to being able to use it for at least 2-3 years without getting frustrated. So I stumbled across the Lenovo T480s with WQHD, 16GB Ram, i7 8550u. But there is no review on that as far as I know on YouTube. All the reviews are about the Full HD version and not the WQHD version. Can anyone tell me if this is a good laptop? Maybe one of you has it? I would like to know if the screen is good or not. If anyone knows another notebook in the price range of 1.500€ please recommend it!! Thanks in advance!
  13. I got a support email after 6 months from ubisoft and at this time I didn't even play the game anymore lol