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    Intel i5 4670k
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    G.Skill ARES 16GB DDR3
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    Crucial MX500 1tb
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  1. sennheiser pc 363d mic not working

    The last recent update was a windows update, right? I'd try out reinstalling the mainboard drivers first.
  2. sennheiser pc 363d mic not working

    Did you change the input? Maybe reinstall all drivers of soundcard first. And maybe the motherboard driver too. I always had troubles with mainboard drivers when there was something with my sound.
  3. How to create a own VPN?

    Is this also that private like a rented VPN by NordVPN for example?
  4. How to create a own VPN?

    Is it enough for gaming / movie watching? Can you send me a link to this server?
  5. How to create a own VPN?

    I understand now what you mean. Thanks for your reply!
  6. How to create a own VPN?

    So does it mean it's better to host myself?? :-D
  7. How to create a own VPN?

    And a VPN service provider has that bandwidth?
  8. How to create a own VPN?

    Hey guys, I wonder how to set up a own VPN without buying one from NordVPN or some other provider. Additionally I'd like to know which hardware is needed to set it up - a server or so? And will my own VPN be in any way that fast as a "professional" VPN from NordVPN? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Is the Razer Holiday Gaming Bundle worth it?

    I bought mine on amazon. Do you live in the us?
  10. Is the Razer Holiday Gaming Bundle worth it?

    I used their DeathAdder for years and everything was fine... but I switched to the DeathAdder Elite and everything works fine there too. I guess they are good in this case. But I tried out their headsets and they are really shitty. I can only recommend Sennheiser there. Their keyboards are also just overpriced RGB machines :-D
  11. Is the Razer Holiday Gaming Bundle worth it?

    I would say no. Because I don't like their keyboards. Their headsets are trash. The mousepad and mouse itself is good, but I wouldn't buy a bundle to get those two :-D You get the DeathAdder Elite some times for 45 $
  12. 60 or 144hz 1440p

    I'd first say IPS or TN panel?
  13. Should I buy a 980 ti or a 1080?

    I would not pay mor than 350 USD for a 980 Ti because the small price gap between the 980 Ti and 1080 wouldn't dare me to buy the older model. I don't know where you live but prices differ from area to area of course.
  14. I'll have to do some research about it thanks.