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    Intel i5 4670k
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    MSI Z87-G43
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    G.Skill ARES 16GB DDR3
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    Crucial MX500 1tb
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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  1. Hip

    How good is namecheaps VPN service?

    There is a Pornhub VPN too lol??
  2. Get a 27" version first. Thank me later. And the best GPU is 1080 Ti for this and a decent CPU for course!
  3. Hip

    Which headset to get

    Whats your budget P.S. I have the Sennheiser Game One and I recommend it. I only use headsets with open acousitics.
  4. Hip

    How good is namecheaps VPN service?

    Well namecheap is one of the biggest domain services
  5. Hey guys, I've just seen that namecheap is offering it's own VPN service now and I wonder how good it is compared to Nord VPN or Express VPN. thatoneprivacysite doesn't have any information about this yet. Maybe one of you can tell me if this is a better alternative to NordVPN/ExpressVPN? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this post should be in the "networking" section or not but anyways... I'd like to know if there is any way to be hacked via VPN? I'm just curious if it's safe to trade stocks with a VPN like NordVPN or so. Thanks in advance!
  7. Google is known the be the NSA data center no. 1, so I'm not wondering at all that they now want to take a bigger part in censorship.
  8. Welcome. 1) Yes you can.
  9. Hip


    BenQ is known for good quality. My BenQ monitor lasted 10 years until it was broken. But @maurice321go is right about the colours. It's a eSports monitor and those usually have bad colours and are very bright. It's good when you play Counter Strike but bad when you play something else.
  10. Hip

    Should I buy this Graphics Card?

    Do not buy this card. This is a fake GPU
  11. Hip

    Will GTX 960 Stutter on 144hz Monitor?

    I'd never buy a TN panel again, no matter if 144Hz or more. Rather take the IPS monitor from BenQ and get the WQHD monitor later If you have enough money then. Btw. I had a BenQ monitor for 10 years until it was broken. They make good monitors!
  12. Hip

    First gaming build

    I totally agree. Only go higher if you going to work with rendering programs or editing of movies. edit: I've been locking up GPU's and for just 8 GBP more you can get a 1080 Ti @ overclockers
  13. Hip

    Help me choose please

    Then go for it. You won't regret it.
  14. Maybe the battery of the MB is defect?
  15. Hip

    Help me choose please

    What do you want to use it for first? Gaming on High settings or work? Or only PS Gaming? If you have a GTX 1080 or higher it will be a good choice to take the AOC monitor. If just PS Gaming, a 4k monitor would be good. There are cheap 4k monitors from Samsung that are good enough for PS Gaming only.