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    Somewhere in Narnia
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    16gigs of 1866
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    1060 6GB
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    Corsair Spec 01
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    2 of em
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    Windows 9.2
  1. MaxTE7

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    i really want this because i have a desktop right now that has a i5 and a r9 270x but it is about 4 years old and the gpu is on the brink of failing and i dont have the money to get a new gpu
  2. I bought a old dell xps recently so I could upgrade it. I also bought a ton of aftermarket parts including a R9 270x. But when the xps arrived there was a gtx 8000 already in it. So I was wondering if I could sli both of them together. I checked both have a sli plug. If I can what sli bridge should use. there is a sli plug on the radeon and some people have somehow done this
  3. I ordered a old dell xps and also ordered a ton of new components to upgrade it( motherboard, power supply,r9 270x,etc. But when I got it there was already a gtx 8000 inside it. Both cards have a sli port so i was wondering if i could sli them togehter
  4. MaxTE7

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    Hi if I were to win this processes I would build Myself a workstation for video editing and gaming and this processor would really lower the price