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    cricket, pcs, apple, drawing, chemistry!
  1. I just had another look, the Sager NP8650 looks pretty good to me. It's right in between my two original choices, and it isn't overly expensive like the NP8652.
  2. i7 definately. Thanks for your suggestion, I didn't come across that one! The only thing is its weight; it's quite heavy at 6.83 pounds ( a lil over 3kgs! ) As I'll be using it in school and stuff for pro longed periods, I think it will be a problem over time.
  3. Well, $1600-$1700 usd is the max I'll go. The acer one is just $900 at the moment on Newegg though. I think 8gb of ram will suffice for my needs. And I don't need an optical drive.
  4. So the situation is, I'm in my last year of high school and I recently sold my desktop to a friend from school. I've come to the realization that university will be starting relatively soon, so desktop gaming is out of the picture. Thus, I'll need a durable, portable and most importantly, powerful* laptop. The thing is, is the Sager NP8652 worth the +$700 price tag for a single GTX 980m? Otherwise, I pretty much see them as identical laptops. I'm either gonna go all out and buy the highest end gpu, or buy a reasonable one, like the Acer which has a GTX 960M in it. I know if I get the Acer, I'll have that itch to upgrade, and I'll be overall underwhelmed with its performance. If I buy the Sager one however, I'll need it to last me at least 3 years. So the question is, will it? My family friend will be getting it for me from the States so if it dies, it's dead forever I guess. I won't be as hurt if the Acer one dies, because it costs pretty much half as less. So can I trust Sager? I really want a high end gpu because I guess I could say I'm one of those "I need at least 60 fps or get lost" sorta guy, on high/ultra settings. What should I do?! I now realise, if I get the Sager, I might as well buy a god damn Titan X and put together a bloody decent desktop, and use my current HP 8510P lappy for Uni instead.
  5. I'm planning to get a second r9 280x as they're really cheap used in my country. I will be getting a 2560x1440 monitor which is why i m considering getting a second 280x. I have the Xeon clocked at 4.2GHz on a p6x58d-e motherboard with 6 gigs of ram.
  6. So as the titles says. I have a dual booting hackintosh with osx mavericks on one ssd, and windows 8.1 on the other. In both operating systems, I have to press the function key and the media key just to use that media key. Is it possible to just use the media key, without holding the function key? Any help will be appreciated!
  7. yep, ill probably do a fresh install.
  8. Noticed that my GPU is pretty hot to touch now, and the fans are at 60% even when I set it to auto
  9. Yea I kinda suspected that, where can I find a malwarefinder thingy? And wouldn't it just be better to do a fresh install of windows with latest drivers, re load my games, etc.
  10. Reinstalled drivers. Removed Catalyst 14.1 Beta and went back to 13.12. No luck. Still at 99% every time I log in to windows. There aren't any odd or random looking background processes in task manager either.
  11. Btw its at 99% when bf3/bf4 is open
  12. So up till yesterday my GPU was perfect. In bf3 on high settings it would use 60 to 80% on all maps and it would run butter smooth with 60 fps all the time. But now, whenever I open up bf3, it stutters every 2 seconds and there's a faint zzz sss zzz sound from the GPU. I noticed that it is throttling its clocks every 2 seconds as well. I upped the power limit to its Max but it still throttles. But what's most annoying is that it's always at 99% GPU usage, even with nothing open! Where's all that power going to?
  13. caplus12000

    my schools pc (massive overkill)

    My school in nz has 27" and 21.5" late 2012 iMacs
  14. caplus12000

    Biggest TECH FEAR?

    A never ending loop of spontaneous blue screen of deaths...an absolute nightmare.
  15. PC SPECS: i7 920 6GB Kingmax ram P6X58D-E motherboard Radeon HD7870 XT Adata 650w psu So here are the details: Every now and then my computer just randomly shuts off as if there is a power failure in the house. When it boots back up, the voltage readings are very high in the bios. Like 14.5V for the 12V rail. 7V for the 5V rail and 4V for the 3.3V rail. I am wondering if it is a power supply issue or my motherboard. Also, when I set an overclock or an xmp profile, the voltage readings jump up and climb slowly till the pc shuts off again. I am also suspecting ram because these KINGMAX modules are rated for 1.9V with a qpi voltage of 1.4. Intel recommends never exceeding 1.65 for ram and 1.3 for qpi. One thing i have noticed is that this problem does not occur when all the bios settings are set to default, ie no overclock. any help will be appreciated heaps!