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  1. So i just reset everything and did a -0.05v offset, pbo is enabled, getting 1.35v. And only boosting to 3.8ghz
  2. you don't understand, after doing a manual oc the EDC drops to 90A, Don't know if i can or need to change it.
  3. nah i think 4ghz is enough, was mainly doing it to keep temps down, plus its my kids system and he lives in another city, so i can't easily get there if something goes wrong. I have mine a 4.1ghz on 1.2v. so far so good
  4. can in ryzen master, but i you have to apply the profile every time you start the pc as far as i'm aware
  5. so it won't hurt the cpu in the long run? have been running aida64 stress test for 45mins and no issues. going to repaste the blackridge cooler tomorrow, see if that helps with temps.. attached a shot of mine at idle, RM doesn't show the right voltage but cpu-id show correct voltage
  6. Yeah it does drop down while idling and so does the edc.
  7. ok, that photo is under a stress test. so is that ok? any suggestions?
  8. the bios on mine is, and does the same thing. trying to sort my sons system out before he flys home. trying to keep the temps downs as its in a Dan case. All i change was the vcore and cpu speed, is there anything else i need to change?
  9. Pbo is disabled in bios. Manual all core. Set voltage to 1.2v in bios. Not sure whats going on with RM. 2xxA was at stock voltage 1.375v around there
  10. Hi can someone tell me if this is right. Ryzen 5 3600 with a 4.0ghz all core oc at 1.2v, the edc is showing 100% of 90A while running a stress test but at stock the edc was 2xxA. Should i be worried? Or am i doing something wrong? Photo attached
  11. No worries, just thought id ask before doing it. Just keep it as 2 separate drives, will get 2 crucial p1 nvme 1tb price seems alright for them here
  12. Pretty much just wanted to combine them to use as 1 2tb drive if you get what i mean
  13. Hi, is it possible to run 2 nvme ssds in raid on a Asus b450i motherboard? Also what type of raid would be best for reliability?
  14. Ok, wont be overclocking it. Its going into a dan a4,
  15. Hi would a corsair 450w gold sfx psu be enough for a 3600, rtx 2060 super, 2 m.2s?
  16. All good, galax is just a bit too thick, there is a inno3d for aboutthe same price but i think ill stay clear of it
  17. Nevermind, just checked the galax is 10mm to thick
  18. My choice is msi 2060super aero itx $669 or the galax rtx 2070 super click 8g for $789
  19. Had to deal with asus for a motherboard a few years ago, took a while to get fixed as it was a older board but thats the only experience ive had with warranty.. This next card will be going into a dan a4, considering the msi 2060 super aero itx, but just looking locally at what deals are happening and the galax cards are cheaper at the moment
  20. Any one had any experience with Galax gpus? Finding rtx 2060 super $90 cheaper and rtx 2070 super $60 cheaper than its nearest competitor.
  21. a used one? yeah a used one. i don't rate the 16 series gpu's
  22. Thanks, a bit concerned about the 5700 drivers and also my son uses nvidia shadow play for recording