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  1. Awesome. I will go with that. I will have two power bars coming down from my desk. One for PC, monitor, and router into surge + battery backup. The rest of my equipment into the surge protector like you said. Thanks!
  2. No, I'm in Canada. During the summer, we have some "brown outs" and full power outages due to the maintenance work I do on the underground hydro power plant. (from April - November) I just want something that can handle my PC and monitor to be able to shut down properly during a sudden power outage.
  3. So I'd probably want 2 power bars - 1 monitor and the PC --- plugged into the battery backup part of the UPS. Another bar for the other 2 monitors, desk motors, speaker, and phone charger --- plugged into the surge protection section of the UPS. That way only 2 items are actually taking advantage of the UPS? Think that would be ok?
  4. Hi, not sure if this is the correct place to ask. I am looking to buy a UPS for my system. If I can get anywhere from 5-15 minutes, that's good for me. Just enough time to save what I am doing and shut down. Or in case of a power outage, it can keep my fibre internet router up and running for a while. Here is what I will have plugged into to it: (3 monitors, computer, phone charger, sit stand desk, & speaker - power bar into the UPS) + a internet router and a printer. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, I am wondering if there is any large mouse pad (around 30 - 35" x 12-16") that has a fast wireless charging built in so I can charge my phone? Thanks
  6. Hi there, so I use Chrome as my main browser to handle my main email and other things. I use edge to control my old email account. One day while I had two of my browsers open, the tab where I had my email open on Microsoft Edge randomly got redirected to some "you just won this!" type of pages. This happened 4 times in 1 week. Here's what I've done so far to try and fix the problem: I done full scan with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes and nothing is showing up. I went into control panel to see if there were any "random" apps installed but nothing. I also checked the Apps and features and nothing out of the ordinary was there. I reset Edge and removed all cookies and browsing data. I don't know how to fix this. The ONLY website I went on my Edge browser is Hotmail.com. If anyone knows something else I can try, let me know. Thanks
  7. Hi there, I am looking at getting two UPS battery backups for my two setups that I have in different rooms: One for my gaming PC (9900k + 1080) and three 24" monitors. My other setup is an iMac 27", 6 drive thunderbolt raid storage, and my router+modem combo. Both setups are currently on height adjustable desks so right now everything is powered by a 15' 6 plug surge protecter power bar. This way I only have 1 cable that is coming down from the desk as everything else is cable managed under the desk. Thanks in advance
  8. I'm wondering now, if Intel will be releasing a "X399" (new gen X299) In the spring / summer? If so, I think I can just wait until then..
  9. Nice! I'm currently watching the newest video on TechLinked and just heard about it! lol
  10. Thanks! I was thinking about going back to NZXT but I couldn't leave my Define S. I personally do not like PSU shrouds lol. Temps below! CPU idle - 35 C CPU under load - 87 C GPU idle - 52 C GPU under load - 76 C I thought the CPU and GPU temps would be higher but the temperature in my basement is pretty cold lol!
  11. Hey all! I am looking into building another computer but this time on the X299 platform. I will be using this as a gaming rig but also as an editing rig. I am not set on a budget but I want to find a good balance between the two. Any build suggestions? Thanks!