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  1. Gamas

    Sony Xperia Z2

    The waterproofness has to be the best feature of the Z2, not many other phones can claim to work after a dunking in water - Unless you have a Nokia 3310 :-p It was really awesome of dbrand to sponsor the video, thanks guys!
  2. Gamas


    This would be such an amazing upgrade from my Blackberry!
  3. Gamas

    The i5 4670k good for streaming?

    A 4670k has quicksync that a streaming program like Open Broadcaster Software can use to stream with little to no cpu impact so yes.
  4. Gamas

    Where Do You Buy Your Computer Stuff?

    I'm from the UK so most of the time I shop at ebuyer.com but if they don't have what I need, then I will look on amazon or ebay.
  5. http://www.overclock3d.net/articles/cpu_mainboard/gigabyte_s_new_offering_of_8_series_motherboards/1 Looks very interesting, especially the interchangeable OP-Amps and the separated audio layer on the PCB.
  6. Gamas

    Small Micro ATX Cases

    Thanks man, I really like that, I may get it instead of the silverstone as it has that carry handle on the top.
  7. I am looking to build a LAN party PC based on the am3+ platform, currently the smallest am3+ socket motherboards are micro ATX so i cannot use the bitfenix prodigy :(. I am looking for the smallest cases possible and so far I have only found the silverstone sg 09. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  8. Have you looked at noctua fans? super quiet, extremely high performance and sort of gold...ish.
  9. Gamas

    Valve and Xi3's 'Steam Box'

    I have read that it uses an AMD APU, therefore a CPU upgrade will also upgrade the GPU so it would be both parts upgraded in one operation :)
  10. Gamas

    Arma 3

    I just hope that the engine will be well optimised this time. At least enough so that I can get 60fps at 1080p on my radeon hd 6850
  11. Gamas

    What game are you currently hooked on?

    Battlefield 1942 is free on origin listed under demo's, 8 of us have been at a LAN party and have not stopped playing it in the past 18 hours :D
  12. from quite a while back, I moved away from the router and have to use a 54Mbps wireless card now until i can afford powerline :(, still better than the 1.6 down 0.2 up i used to get before fibre :D