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  1. jimi

    Static pressure fan for h55 liquid cooler

    enermax twister pressure
  2. jimi

    Noctua NH-U14S

    TRUE Spirit 140 Power http://www.thermalright.com/html/products/cpu_cooler/true_spirit_140_power.html
  3. jimi

    Your top 5 favorite CPUs ever?

    pIII 1000mhz athlon 2500+ (barton) q9400 i5 750 i5 2500k
  4. jimi

    Sexy Air Cooler?

    xigmatek dark knight ii
  5. jimi

    I'm so close to buying a HTC One M9

    wait for the m9+ http://www.androidauthority.com/htc-one-m9-plus-specs-official-599370/
  6. jimi

    Which Fans?

  7. jimi

    What fans to replace the stock 212 Plus with ?

    enermax twister pressure
  8. jimi

    Nvidia needs to make a...................

    rebrand the current 970 as a 960ti and make a new 970
  9. jimi

    Best <$50 CPU Cooler

    dark knight II
  10. jimi

    A good cpu cooler thats not the Hyper 212 Evo

    thermalright true spirit 140 power xigmatek dark knight ii sd1283
  11. jimi

    What's your favorite CPU thermal compound?

    gelid gc-extreme
  12. jimi

    Best CPU cooler AIR/WATER for $50

    xigmatek dark knight II