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Everything posted by Barrington

  1. I can probably get up at / stay up til 6am for a free ssd
  2. hmm $600 + storage and ram would make a pretty sweet steam inhome streaming system
  3. you were beat by 6 minutes in telling me
  4. http://www.razerzone.com/razer-mechanical-switches from the videos and pictures they look to be MX Blues and Reds with shorter actuation also from the designs the casing Looks almost identical to Cherrys MX just with Razer printed on them all
  5. is there a link for dollar shave club tried typing it and got a 404 for australia atleast
  6. iirc it was mentioned somewhere else that they would have to convert it into actual money, which you could do too
  8. changes the word "cloud" to "Butt" and "the Cloud" to "My butt"
  9. T-SHIRTS?!?!?!?!1?!/! brb finding wallet Edit: Any coupon codes @LinusTech ? $60 is a fair bit for 2 shirts?
  10. why the internet http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/03/19
  11. That games talk show type thing It could be done over Skype or hangouts or similar VoIP programs
  12. hmm noticed at the end the outro had phones instead of gaming Nice little bit of foreshadowing going on there
  13. yep just search Hybrid PhysX or go back a couple pages and watch the video i linked
  14. reminded me of this video I know that Phill watches your LTT videos not the forum
  15. "moistening eases insertion" linus ear buttplugs 2014 edition
  16. feeling sad my 3ds fell out of my pocket into the toilet and is now dead

  17. would love to be join as mercanary/bounty hunter Ice cream Runner but alas I don't have star citizen yet
  18. hmm $81 postage from NCIX to Australia think I'll get it from amazon if i get it
  19. I noticed when i was there needed a new SD card for my camera, that hurt my wallet quite alot
  20. http://www.theverge.com/gaming/2014/1/16/5316248/on-average-team-fortress-2-and-dota-2-item-creators-made-15000-last looks like theres some alright money in Virtual hats the one item i submitted to the workshop was met with ascii thumbs down asking valve to delete lol