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  1. ok, found that on google. note i dont have an android so i cant test i properly.

    i didnt really understand your question either.


    lol, no link



    hmm just tried that one worked okay only a little bit of stuttering on the mouse input

    but for the stuff i wanted to do, I had to buy it and im too cheap for that, they do offer a free trial code but it wouldn't work 

  2. looking for an app so that i can use my acer iconia a1-830 as keyboard Macro keybind sorta things on the PC 

    a gamepad sorta thing 


    preferably customizable so i can move the macros around on the screen or set the icons


    so what app is there for this?

  3. Spend on pirated content in what context?  That could be pretty convoluted as it will vary depending on what it is that's being pirated.

    pretty sure he said time as in how much time you spend on the pirated content


    How do I win the swag?


    The winner will be chosen randomly from the live viewers of the stream during a random period, so make sure you're paying attention!


    1. Make sure you're registered for Linus Tech Tips forum and signed in while you're watching the live stream

    2. Make sure you're watching from somewhere that you'll have access to a browser

    3. Tune into the stream right at the beginning and make sure you're paying attention!


     so will it be like the last one and you just have a codeword that you tell everyone to type and not really need to be watching

  5. Now onto the good stuff. HTC is giving us up to TWO phones to give away. All we need to do is generate 10,000 unique impressions on this tracked product page link, and I will give away two phones to random posters in this thread no matter who you are or where you're from in the world. 



    The giveaway closes Apirl 19th and the winners will be announced on the WAN show before the end of April!



    well it looks like the deadline is up and as of posting this thread only has 9761 replies 9762 if you include this

    seems like theres only gonna be 1 phone or maybe @LinusTech and HTC will be nice and still give 2 phones