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Posts posted by Barrington

  1. recently Built my new rig 

    asus maximus 7 gene

    msi gtx 980 

    i5 5690k

    samsung 840 evo 250gb

    seagate 2tb 

    32gb kingston hyperx



    Built my new machine and it was running amazingly for the past 2 weeks today i woke pc up from sleep mode got the 

    DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bsod and now PC wont turn on goes to black screen with flashing underscore 


    currently testing ssd on separate machine using HDtune,




  2. so i thought my laptop had dyed, turns out it was just the HDD.


    used one of my spare drives and managed to get laptop to boot, 



    Now about to install ubuntu on this 1tb toshiba hard drive thats now in my laptop, but i need to keep the data on the hard drive, HOW DO?


    is there a way to preserve my data as a partition?


    also I'm fairly new to ubuntu