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  1. much like everything else that I've spent money on I don't need it but i want it : D
  2. Screenshot so good you wallpaper it http://i.imgur.com/AATsPQB.jpg

  3. tried all sticks still no result luck thinking its windows corrupting itself or hdtune gave a false positive gonna have to go find either my windows install usb or buy a dvd reader tomorrow
  4. will probably be trying this once ssd finishes testing
  5. recently Built my new rig asus maximus 7 gene msi gtx 980 i5 5690k samsung 840 evo 250gb seagate 2tb 32gb kingston hyperx Built my new machine and it was running amazingly for the past 2 weeks today i woke pc up from sleep mode got the DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bsod and now PC wont turn on goes to black screen with flashing underscore currently testing ssd on separate machine using HDtune, Help?
  6. On Vessel I'm Barrington videos i commented on https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 so far im liking vessel loading is a bit slow for HD on my australian internet i like that it takes up most of the screen by default and has a black background
  7. mmm new machine almost up and running

  8. I find it weird that all these north americans are butt hurt about the new 3ds not having a charger, Australia didn't give a crap about it

  9. personally I would love to win it as it would give me a better excuse to upgrade everything else in my rig (core 2 quad with 3gb of ram) EDIT OH GOOD GRAVY I ACCIDENTALLY SET IT TO FOLLOW THIS TOPIC RIP IN PEACE INBOX
  10. Wuht? was getting better performance in dota 2 running at 1080p than 900p

  11. thats pretty good the place i work has the 120gb for $60 EDIT for aussies on newegg that SSD is $94
  12. Well thats the LTT new office donated to, THanks for helping me to get a job!

  13. Favourite part of this giveaway is that power supply as its fully modular and looks good also hopefully that headset isn't "silent gaming"
  14. case looked okay, working with you guys would be alright if i wasn't in Australia and didn't just get a dream job that several of my friends are super jealous of
  15. starting job trial today hopefully it goes well

  16. once amazon or ncix has these listed i think i might buy one depending on the price
  17. mmm 0.28 Mbps down is fun

  18. got a comment on one of my YT videos :) turns out i was a spam bot :(