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  1. you need: Microwave A Plate Corn Chips - any flavor Sauce or Salsa (BBQ sauce is my favorite) Cheese - all types are good use a mixture where possible Toppings Bacon Bits Beans Salami Veges if you like Step 1: Acquire Plate Step 2: Place down base layer of corn chips Step 3: Sprinkle on ingredients to your taste Step 4: Drizzle sauce over toppings Step 5: Cover with cheese to your liking Step 6: Repeat Steps 1-5 as much as you like (2-3 I normally have) Step 7: Microwave on High for 30-40 seconds until cheese is melting Step 8: ????? Step 9: Profit! / Eat! There you go Delicious Nachos in under 1 minute remembered what i cook when i get hungry due to the wan show/after party talking about gaming food PICS ARE HERE
  2. there's somethings that reddit is good for but some places are pretty negative edit: then again im not really a person to talk about people being dicks to each other one of my posts was the background of /r/toosoon for several months (not for the easily offended)
  3. looks like its pretty unanimous I'll get a 780 with probably a windforce on it even though that stock looks amazing
  4. most likely for 3D/surround games both solutions are around the same price with about 10 difference
  5. if you're after earbud type ones get some logitech ue100's or ue200's for around $5 - $30 I've had my ue100's for about 2 years and there amazing or you can get some logitech ue 4000's for $69 from logitech australia's ebay store http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Logitech-UE-4000-Black-Free-postage-/130811535835?pt=AU_Electronics_Portable_Audio_Accessories&hash=item1e74f9a1db&_uhb=1
  6. at least tech promo ladies aren't as bad as car show ladies
  7. was it slick just getting to dress up?
  8. upload the Video and make it private so that the those who want to perv on women can and so that the general public won't see the video adding to the sexist nature
  9. make it a private video and give the link here so to the general public your still mature.
  10. remember to watch from different IP address's as it only counts one view per IP
  11. i could use a new hard drive damn steam library https://twitter.com/_Barrington_/status/340833481812746240 Facebook share http://i.imgur.com/Kg1rrGu.png twitter handle is below hell i even plus 1'd on google+
  12. samba pepsi was pretty good although limited Dr. Pepper is coming back more and getting cheaper as it used to be around $3 a can mint M@M's Australia still has crispy ones
  13. retweeted if i win would you be able to send to Australia if not I don't mind if you redraw twitter is in my signature
  14. would love to win a HTC one X+ to replace my crappy samsung galaxy y https://twitter.com/_Barrington_/status/339646347726712832 shared
  15. in no particular order SecretAgentBob nerdist Geek and sundry pronunciation Manual Corridor digital Freddiew Mr B. the gentleman rhymer AweMeChannel Mrsolidsnake745 minute physics
  16. a Wild Saints Row: The Third Steam Key Appeared C8J7C-GJZNB-ZLJVD Its super effective!
  17. good news everybody i found a bunch of my un-used steam keys from various bundles Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Steam Key RD6CP-2N3XQ-3PEB8
  18. Magicka steam key because 4Q5FZ-FMY84-QZ7T? guess the last digit to stop ninjas