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About KnightWumar

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  • Birthday 1996-01-25

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    other than usual tech stuff, I mainly play competitive csgo and other gaming in general
  • Occupation
    electronics engineering student


  • CPU
    intel i5 3570k
  • Motherboard
    gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
  • RAM
    8GB Corsair xms3
  • GPU
    Galaxy GTX670 4GB
  • Case
    NZXT apollo
  • Storage
    1TB WDblack, Kingston UV400 240 GB ssd
  • PSU
    Antec high current gamer 620M
  • Display(s)
    Samsung S23B300B
  • Cooling
    intel stock cooler
  • Keyboard
    TT esports Challenger Prime
  • Mouse
    TT esports Talon Blu
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro x64

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  1. KnightWumar

    Strange internet connection problem. [pls halp]

    Thanks, I will try that some time.
  2. KnightWumar

    Strange internet connection problem. [pls halp]

    I tried both static and dynamic ip address on PC, as for the phone I don't think I had an option to configure such network settings. The router is Huawei E5172. Now what exactly are NAT and DHCP ? and how are they configured. Also my ISP are rather dumb when it comes to such complicated problems, and would either say turn your router off then on again or do a factory reset. Much thanks to all.
  3. I don't know how to start this but, I have a 4G/LTE modem/router provided by my ISP that connects me to the internet. I've had it for a long time and nothing went wrong until recently. So I am connecting my PC directly using ethernet cable. And I use wifi for my phone. We have 2 phones one is Huwawei Y6 pro, and samsung galaxy ACE. I can use the huwawei wifi without any issue and nothing goes wrong on PC. But if I connect the samsung using wifi I lose access to internet on pc. Sometimes I can open google main page and search and obtain results, youtube sometimes do open and can open a video page but the video itself wont load. Anything else won't open and says "Server not found". Keep in mind other times no website will load. When this happens it takes forever to restore even if I turn wifi on the samsung phone off. Mostly until I restart router. This happened after I cleared the phones memory and done factory reset, so while trying to go online I noticed I can't connect on PC. But strange thing is the other phone internet still connect without problems, while PC connected to LAN won't. I did try to factory reset my router. and also checked for static/dynamic ip address, non of this helped. Only thing I could do is turning the samsung off and enjoying internet without weird disconnection from a possessed phone. If anyone faced similar problem or know the solution please help me. It's driving me insane. And thank you.
  4. KnightWumar

    Cheap mods to make my case look less boring

    If you have the time, the tools, and enough basic skills you can build your own case with your own design. It's fun to do in your free time and really satisfying when you see your own masterpiece. But, if you do not like to do such work or don't have the above mentioned resources, just paint the case you already have. Make some designs and draw them on whatever you like and go for it. Still you need to know a thing or two about painting so you don't end up with a poor finish or an easily scratched surface, but that is just a general concern. And ofc this is 2017 so if you it is within you budget, get some RGB LED lighting And good luck.
  5. KnightWumar

    Any tips for a homemade case?

    Not a mind blowing tip or anything special. But if you want to do a pc case from scratch make sure to measure really accurately and check alignments frequently. You don't want to finish your work then notice something is offset or twisted like I did. And good luck. Also and extra thing, if you like to share your work that might be a cool thing to do. So take pictures every major step, I might post mine when I finish my case 100%.
  6. KnightWumar

    Wooden Compact Full ATX Rig VIDEO LOGS

    thanks, but which is better ? 4 mm higher density or just thicker like 1cm for stability ?
  7. KnightWumar

    Wooden Compact Full ATX Rig VIDEO LOGS

    What is the thickness of the plywood ?
  8. thanks, so I will go for plywood then. (if wood) but the design I want is having the same pc layout except the read I/O will be facing up instead of behind. so if I was using an old case I would just remove the front pannel and opening windows and installing clear acrylic. so its not gonna be much of a mid in terms of structure. And back to the wood talk, I want to plaint it black and the interior might be blue. So is using spray paint a dumb idea on plywood or will it work fine ? does it need any primer for wood ? I am not just asking what to chose but to know some details that would make the work frustrating or some methods that I might do wrong (such as paint and joining etc..)
  9. So as the titles suggests, should I used MDF or Plywood for a full custom PC case build ? Or take the other route of using an old used pc case and mod it ? -Using wood means I can do a 100% custom design, but require more effort of building and gathering material. - Using an old case means I can skip some building steps and material costs, but I won't get the exact design I want. So what should I chose ? and if it's wood then what is a better type ? (mostly 1 cm thickness)
  10. KnightWumar

    I want a truely scary horror game/mod

    I don't think I can handle this one.
  11. KnightWumar

    I want a truely scary horror game/mod

    So I will try out: - SOMA - F.E.A.R - S.T.AL.K.E.R - Dead Space 1 Did anyone played penumbra games ? Are they good ? Also if I may add if there are mods too since I also like to try some. I also like ones with no combat or really simple like afraid of monsters. Sorry for being too picky about this, and thanks to all of you for suggesting
  12. KnightWumar

    I want a truely scary horror game/mod

    oh I already played 3 and watched 1 and 2 (I shall edit it in the post)
  13. KnightWumar

    I want a truely scary horror game/mod

    So as the title say, I want a good horror game or mod. And I want the best suggestion you can come up with. But before you do I should mention the game I already played: -Outlast + DLC - Amnesia the dark decent and a machine for pigs -Layers of Fear - Afraid of monsters (I want something similar to this mod) -Cry of Fear -[EDIT] Dead Space These are the games I remember playing since I may have missed some. Most important I don't want a zombie game since they tend to be less scary. And DON'T SUGGEST FNAF If u suggest a mod I prefer a conversion mod, for example to avoid mods with original half life monsters. I ran out of ideas and my search had no gains so all I can is ask on a forum. in other words: plz sker mi alot
  14. KnightWumar

    Used VS New

    I am about to buy a new motherboard since my z77 broke and my ONLY options are the following H61 (also since I dont want to OC and want a smaller form factor): - a new Asrcok H61icafe - a used Asrock H61m - VS3 - a used MSI H61-P20 (less likely to buy since seller has it as part of a whole pc) My main points are as follows: - the 2 used ones have SATA 3Gbps but I was told it doesn't matter in daily use and overall responsiveness. - the 2 used ones have a mix of solid capacitors and other non-solid caps. but, - the 2 used ones are smaller which I prefer (micro atx and the new is atx) - the new one don't have a great look and is larger (I want to make a custom case with and aesthetic approach) - the used ones are cheaper. So is it risky to buy the used one or should be able to do it's job well ?
  15. KnightWumar

    SATA 3 ssd on SATA 2 slot

    thanks, so that worry is put to rest (similar to the pci-e 3.0 vs 2.0 deal) only concern left is buying a used one a good idea or risky.