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  1. Neftex

    Is it worth to buy a gaming console in 2018

    its probably one of the best times to get console, the exclusives for ps4 are really interesting
  2. no, theyre fine unless you buy some real cheap shit
  3. Neftex

    Did I win the lottery

    idk much about folding, but since youre crashing in aida isnt it possible that some of the calculations your cpu makes arent correct and it could affect the folding research?
  4. 4 sticks are probably not going to run at 3200Mhz with CL14 (i think)
  5. did you disable cortana? afaik search is tied to cortana
  6. afaik you cant use POP3 to send, so youd have to use other method to send your replies ive never tried it but maybe its possible to set the google email as incoming and isp as outgoing in your client actually, heres what i found: receiving (step 2 in Get all messages) - https://support.google.com/mail/answer/21289?hl=en sending - https://support.google.com/mail/answer/22370?hl=en
  7. have all emails redirected to some gmail account and use imap on that account?
  8. if at all possible id recommend virual machine instead of dual boot. trust me it gets really annoying having to restart to switch os
  9. Neftex

    RTX 2070

    isnt the card power limited? why watercool it if you cant even oc it high enough because of power limitation?
  10. @TheDeathDragon 2x16 is better for gaming, less stress on memory controller so you can overclock it higher (then again, dont really need 32GB)
  11. i dont know how many users register and post daily, but making moderators approve first post of a new user would probably eliminate it (obviously only check the posts that arent on banlist from other protections already, and add option to add that post to banlist)
  12. Neftex

    My computer got hacked

    who knows... we didnt see how you did it if it was done right, you changed passwords and it was actually the device where it leaked from, then youre probably ok
  13. well youre wrong, they are blocking updates
  14. im wondering if it would be possible to rent a server to encode all that for cheaper