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  1. Neftex

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    this was proven wrong like 3 times in the thread
  2. yea, id try to get new windows iso and install without network access
  3. Neftex

    Strange CPU Usage

    one core will always be higher usage than the rest, i dont know anything about the games and i cant really tell you whats happening in your case you should check cpu usage per application and maybe try killing some of them
  4. Neftex

    Strange CPU Usage

    not all applications are programmed to use more cores
  5. Neftex

    Strange CPU Usage

    yes, look at the last core, its maxed out
  6. Neftex

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    cooldowns dont apply, they have the whole database of passwords downloaded and run the crack on it...
  7. Neftex

    Laptop fans crank up when attaching 3rd screen

    well with more screens your gpu has to output more pixels, makes sense it takes more power and cooling its possibly changing clock speed
  8. Neftex

    €500 home desktop

    do you have a link to store to pick from? if you really dont need much performance you can get: Athlon 200GE A320 motherboard 2x4GB 2666 RAM maybe even cheaper PSU
  9. Neftex

    €500 home desktop

    you can easily build cheaper if its just for browsing/office
  10. Neftex

    Logitech MX518 rerelease feb. 19

    the mouse is actually bad by todays standards tho? angle snapping, prediction...
  11. Neftex

    Why is system32 accessable?

    the 3rd party program doesnt have access to the files unless you give it permission (via UAC prompt), thats on you
  12. Neftex

    Why is system32 accessable?

    its your own fault when you fuck up the system with 3rd party program... also why would your normal user even go to that folder?
  13. Neftex

    Debloat Windows 10 (is this legit???)

    20% performance uplift isnt realistic, also doesnt remove a bunch of stuff other tools can i prefer making clean windows iso using ntlite/msmg toolkit to install from
  14. Neftex

    Strange and constant Gmail activity

    do you use vpn? maybe phone? check your pc for physical keylogger (something between keyboard and usb port), boot up linux from flash drive/dvd, terminate logins in settings for all devices (i guess changing password should do that automatically), change password, only check emails on the linux. seems kinda extreme but if that doesnt help then theres something wrong with your isp?