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  1. 1) update drivers 2) try to keep the game fps in the freesync window (limit fps to 135) dont blame freesync for this, ive read some patch notes recently that mentioned freesync issues but its driver related - Stutter may be experienced when Radeon FreeSync is enabled on 240hz refresh displays with Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products.
  2. why do you need "best torrent client" just use one that has what you need
  3. i linked the only thing as close to apples to apples comparison, same panel, same manufacturer, same review outlet... i did that exactly so its fair and not based on opinion. that said im done with this shit, i shouldnt care about opinions based on... well nothing concrete it seems
  4. manufacturer slaps the label on it when it passes this "dubious" certification no, my point was exactly what i said: "opinions can be wrong". i reacted to an article claiming gsync makes sure the panels are optimized and whatnot and i linked concrete evidence of freesync monitor outperforming gsync with the same panel, no opinion there i do very much get it. nvidia wants us to think that gsync is some kind of guarantee of better quality than anything labeled as freesync, which is not true. if you want good monitor you need to look at other stuff, gsync nor freesync label will help you find one
  5. slapping gsync on a monitor doesnt magically make it good - you can see that between gsync monitors themselves. gsync and freesync main function is vrr and you cant say gsync is better at that i linked a test with same panel gsync vs freesync and it shows that the freesync one was better, so gsync requirements and certification didnt help the product. so my point is, it doesnt matter if the monitor is gsync or freesync, you need to research the monitor anyway
  6. AOC 24G2U, theres no other that fit your requirements so. its the first 1080p 24" 144+Hz IPS "MBR (Motion Blur Reduction) - We found it accelerated visual fatigue and preferred the normal flicker-free operation of the monitor, but sensitivity to flickering varies "
  7. opinions can be wrong, what i call fluff is the article. i see people parroting this "gsync better quality" thing over and over but when you look at real test, its clearly not true
  8. bunch of fluff with no substance. shit varies monitor to monitor heres funny test "When we first conceived this experiment, we expected the result to swing in favor of the G-Sync monitor... Our testing of the AOC Agon AG241QG and AG241QX proved that theory wrong..." https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-gsync-vs-amd-freesync-test-comparison,39042.html
  9. why would you buy gsync monitor in that case?
  10. people who bought gsync monitors already are still locked into nvidia gpus, so i dont see how this is great news. we already have vrr monitors supporting both nvidia and amd without gsync with no real caveat (even lower price mostly). basically no benefit to consumer, just for nvidia selling new monitors to console users? so wheres nvidia doing the good thing?
  11. ye dude cuz suing zoo is the same as opening your mouth about government...
  12. iirc i heard from a developer working on thread optimized mmo engine that performance scaling above 16 threads isnt good. some things just have to be done in sequence, not in parallel. so statement about 8 cores (16 threads with HT) being sweet spot seem to be valid a little bit
  13. yea man, tell everyone youre vulnerable before you make sure its all fixed. great idea
  14. what a surprise, viewer hours dropped after school season began....