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  1. rx580 or gtx 1060

    difference between 1300X and 1600 is $21 on pcpartpicker, getting 4 threads instead of 12 while saving 20 bucks cant be worth it
  2. rx580 or gtx 1060

    dont buy 4 core 4 thread cpu
  3. Im upgrading

    my advice would be to not buy 4 core 4 thread cpu, save up second advice would be to buy amd platform because you should be able to upgrade in 1-2 years without changing motherboard
  4. Sorta picky case help

    @Dralonis the mesh allows you to run the fans slower, making it quieter if you need it
  5. check event viewer for stuff that happens before shutdown
  6. ryzen is sensitive to timings as well, so its not only the ram frequency anyway youre saying youre on tight budget? then how can you compare 8700k+1080ti with 2600+1080ti - the price difference of these combinations is big?
  7. the savings is assuming youd be paying those services normally, i sure wouldnt my use case is pretty much console + games that i buy, so i dont think its worth it at all?
  8. DDR5 Release Date?

    afaik AMD is working closely on DDR5 so i would guess it will benefit performance more at least for AMD cpus my guess on release would be 2020-2021 just in time for new AMD platform
  9. GTX 1080 Radeon Equivalent??

    well the best help for you is to watch benchmarks for games you like
  10. dont give it a bath, just clean it
  11. Google/Gmail Workaround?

    if i understand you correctly, you want to change your gmail address? username@gmail.com - this thing? even if that was possible, you would need to set your new email address for every service you used it in (forums, bank, games...)
  12. 2000 Series naming confirm by Nvidia??

    seems like the infamous adoredtv was right again and got a good source anyway, he also talks about RTX could mean that all GTX will be obsolote once devs pick up raytracing
  13. Laptop GPU Thermal Paste

    gpus in laptops dont have ihs afaik i think they put that there because the gpu die was too low for heatsink to make proper contact, i could be wrong tho
  14. Best laptop under 2200€

    what i meant is that 2200 € is a lot and for the requirements listed he could spend a lot less
  15. Best laptop under 2200€

    seems your requirements are way low for that kind of budget, whats the work?