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    r5 1600
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    b350 prime plus
  • RAM
    8gb DDR3
  • GPU
    RTX 2070 super
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    128 gb ssd +2TB HDD
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    OCZ 600W
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    Dell U2515H

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  1. Xiaomi did a Event today in China and announced Some smartphone which will launch in china. And Probably will come later to the global market Redmi K30 Ultra And a Mi 10 Ultra Sources: https://twitter.com/TechTabletscom :https://twitter.com/Xiaomi
  2. you can geht a realme x2 pro for 347 dollar. it has a 855 plus and 90 hz amoled
  3. Today they announced the pocophone f2 a renamed redmi note k 30 pro for 499 $ . Specs 865 Snapdragon, 6gb ram 128 gb rom and 64 megapixel quad cam. https://www.poco.net/global/
  4. i am a want to start drawing one a windows surface and wanted to ask which pen would be good. i have google some time and found the classic surface pen , hp pen and hp pen tilt and wanted to ask wich would be a good start an how much difference is between the expensive surface and hp vs the hp pen because it only the half price in my country.
  5. it did nt fix it but i am looking in to it
  6. no only normal nVidia boost
  7. its only happening if i play warcraft 3 reforged
  8. gtx super 2070 441.87
  9. black screen when playing games and GPU cooler is on 100 % any idea why this happens and how to fix it
  10. searching for good a win 10 tablet min 10 inch . something pretty cheap max 370 euro but preferably cheaper.
  11. i searche for a headset but could also be a headphone for max 130 dollar
  12. my pc freeze occasionally when i game and only is responsive again when i reboot. i dont know what the problem could because i checked the cooling and the gpu. And i have no way of checking the cpu ram and motherboard
  13. should i go for a fe for 529 euro or the cheapest not blower style custom card for 519 euro
  14. i need help in Fallout 76 because the scout quest you need to revive one friend and i don t have friends that play Falllout 76 at the moment