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  1. My main question was, Which is better for gaming ( in general, for everything) Shared system memory, or dedicated memory? (You can find this on screen resolution)? and my ULTIMATE main question, how can I change this? I know i have to go on Advanced system settings on BIOS, yet that is prohibited since I have an HP laptop (MANY people have faced this problem with HP laptops) Hp laptops aren't bad.. just some problems (like this, and overheating), luckily though I got a cooling pad anyways.. any help would be appretiated. Thanks.
  2. HP laptops suck for gaming... trust me 1. Overheating problems (way more than average laptops) 2. UEFI does not exist on laptops 3. bad company and even worst staff members.
  3. Hey guys, first of all I would like to state my specs Intel core i5 3117u cpu 1.7 GHz AMd 7670 graphics card with Intel Hd 4000 (they are a total of 6361 MB) RAM : 8GB My dedicated memory : 2560 MB My Shared Memory : 3791 MB I don't know which exactly is better for using, but I'm pretty sure it's the dedicated memory, I have been told that I can change this at Advances Chipset settings on BIOS, but I do not have that on my laptop some people say it's because it's an HP laptop (i know sucks) and that it doesn't have UEFI? Any help would be appretiated P.S : on my DirectX diagonistic tool, it tells me that I am currently having 17372MB available, while I'm only using 2860MB (under the title of Page File)
  4. Oh OK :( but I have 6GB of video card memory and it's kinda slow... I expected WAAY more from AMD! and... well my laptop has a major/minor... if I RE;INSTALL the last update, my intel hd4000 will be the major and the amd will be the minor :S
  5. Well, I'd love to screen cap but I can't run Fraps anymore since it is failing to run Direct X9 and I canNOT run any other game, some friends tell me it's because they're 32-bit while I have a 64 bit Dishonored is 32-bit and it only started crashing right after I downloaded the setup :/ Also, can I just add you on skype and you could help me out faster? Thanks :)
  6. OH! my Intel HD 4000 driver is.. AMD diver...
  7. DirectX is up to date, I reinstalled it like 3 times I put them to high performance YEAH on my msi afterburner, my highest performance is already on 600 on core clock 900 on Memory Clock (I can't control the voltage) I installed the driver YOU gave me the link to... I downloaded it with Intel HD 9.18
  8. Ok... I took your advice, and now BOTH cards are RECOGNIZED, AMAZING, right? Now I get this message alpha blending with d3dfmt_a16b16g16r16f is not supported which is required to run this game (Dishonored) and also, any OTHER game I open crashes, O.o (Crossfire) (Red Alert3) (Crysis3)...
  9. So I should uninstall it first, and then install it AGAIN with the link you just gave me? K, (Final question i promise) Thanks
  10. WOW! You have helped me ALOT! seriously you don't know me and helped me... Thanks ^_^ 1 more thing though... do I have to uninstall my AMD graphics driver and reinstall it? or just install the links you gave me? Also... I uploaded some images of what you can see from my device manager Thanks ALOT !:D
  11. ...... How Can I say this? It IS enabled... but there's this yellow box telling me that it is NOT working.... which is why I CANNOT open my catalyst center
  12. Yeah... but my AMD 7670 is disabled, (it is only disabled when I update my Intel HD 4000)
  13. Thanks.. 1 more thing though... I have an Intel HD4000 AND an AMD 7670 HD, when I first got my laptop, the AMD was working perfect, but the Intel Hd4000 software was OLd (thus the fps was like 60-70) but when I upgraded my Intel HD4000, the FPS was AMAZING (150-200), yet my AMD Radeon was NOT identified, I couldn't open the anything in the catalayse, or anything else regarding the AMD graphics card... Thanks :)
  14. graphic card's dedicated memory is increased in Advanced settings in Bios... yet in HP you cannot access Advances settings on Bios since there is no UEFI... and I was told that if I upgraded I cannot enter the Advanced settings either, nor if I pressed A before the BIOS started... any help would be appreciated... and any other way you can in crease dedicated graphics memory would be MORE appreciated (idk which is better for video games... shared or dedicated?) anyways.. thanks ALOTkeep up the GREAT videos... also my graphic card is intel hd 4000 2gb switchable WITH AMD radeon (7670 I THINK) anyways... thanks :)