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  1. LaughingCheeze

    How am I able to access the Floatplane subforum still?

    Ok thanks. Just wanted to make sure everything was above board. Like I said, hopefully I'll get another job soon. ><
  2. I saw your username and got curious, Google Images didn't disappoint



    1. LaughingCheeze


      Lol thanks!

  3. So, unfortunately I lost my job recently and I figured I should probably cancel this subscription. However, I am still able to see the forum. I thought I cancelled the subscription but I still have access so, this looks like a bug. Just an FYI. Again its nothing personal, hopefully I'll be able to renew in the future!
  4. Its a Clevo p641re, Displayport 1.2. That was it! Thanks all.
  5. My laptop has two mini displayport connections but no regular size port. I'm trying to connect to a Dell U3417W, which has two regular size displayports and a mini port. Since I can't connect regular DP to DP, I thought maybe I could reverse it and output from the mini displayport on the laptop to the regular size DP on the monitor. Of course that didn't work, so I'm wondering if theres something with my laptop or if its actually because I'm trying to do things backwards and it wasn't designed to work like that. If that's the case, stupid design IMO. Shouldn't matter what end I plug the cable into, the cable is just a conduit. Thanks LC
  6. LaughingCheeze

    Ubuntu Server Setup

    Not OP but thanks for clarifying that. I was never sure how firm of a rule that was. I have no experience with freenas but would like to set up a box at some point.
  7. LaughingCheeze

    Activate Windows...

    I figured. I'm still not sure how legit these copies are but your basically just buying the CD Key. I've bought two so far and one has worked no problems. I haven't activated the other one yet but I have no reason to believe it won't work. For reference: Hope this sets you free from the pain of retail licenses.
  8. LaughingCheeze

    Activate Windows...

    Yes, OEM is locked to the motherboard but since you can find those for cheap I don't see why its a big deal. I haven't seen cheap copies of retail windows floating around. Presumably there was a long time between sandy bridge and am4? Doesn't sound like a big deal to me to buy another license for $12.
  9. LaughingCheeze

    Activate Windows...

    Why not get an OEM version? You can find those really cheap.
  10. LaughingCheeze

    Build me a pc on pcpartpicker that matches my needs!

    That is a six core...?
  11. LaughingCheeze

    Best cherry mxblue ten key less?

    That's completely untrue. At least where I'm at maybe the shortage is regional? https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/search.php?keyword=&brand=&switch=3&size=&led=&capmat=&capprint=&model=&availability=&show_kb=off&show_kb=on&show_acc=off&show_acc=on As for the OP's question, I'm using the Cooler Master Masterkeys S PBT and I love it. Highly recommended.
  12. LaughingCheeze

    GTX 1070 Upgrade

    I see. In the same way is the 1080Ti a slightly nerfed Titan, or is it a boosted 1080?
  13. LaughingCheeze

    GTX 1070 Upgrade

    Is the 1070Ti that much of a bump over the 1070?
  14. LaughingCheeze

    VR headset or 3x curved monitor?

    So your verdict is get the VR headset?
  15. LaughingCheeze

    VR headset or 3x curved monitor?

    Yeah. It's only good at 1080p. Then I went to 3440x1440. 3440x1440 is the resolution of the gods. Anyways its a good stand in until 4k becomes playable. Is there a standard for 21:9 4k? Hmmmmmm EDIT: To clarify my stance is always to get both. I mean if you can afford to build a sim simulator you can probably afford a VR headset as well?