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  • CPU
    4690K i5
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maximus VII Gene
  • RAM
    4x4GB G.SKILL Ares 1866Mhz
  • GPU
  • Case
    Silverstone SG10
  • Storage
    Crucial M550 1TB & 3TB WD Green
  • PSU
    Silverstone 550W Strider Gold & short cable set
  • Display(s)
    Asus ROG PG278Q Swift
  • Cooling
    Noctura NH-U12S
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 RGB Brown Vengeance (No arse antlers for me)
  • Mouse
    Logitech G700s
  • Sound
    Yamaha NX-50 speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Monkey Dust

    TV Series

    The greatest Bond films are the Sean Connery ones, particularly From Russia with love and Goldfinger. I thought the Timothy Dalton were OK as far as 80's films go. The Roger Moore ones, I concede your point. Back to TV series suggestions; Happy, weird and gloriously over the top violent Maniac, 80's sci-fi vibe and a bit of a headfuck The Wire, quite old so not sure where you might find it besides DVD, but the best TV show ever. izombie, brain in neutral guilty pleasure
  2. Monkey Dust

    UK Bank NatWest Trialling Debit Cards with Fingerprint Readers

    Until you forget to charge your phone... always wise to have a back up.
  3. It's the ritual of putting the record on, the noise of the needle on the 'blank' bits, it helps set a mood, create an ambiance. As I said it's for occasional use, not everyday. True most people don't want to bother with it, but that applies to a lot of hobbies & interests. No one is being forced to buy music on vinyl, at least not since the 80's.
  4. Announce first, figure out of it's possible later. Muppets.
  5. Cassettes are so mainstream, Minidisc is the choice of the true hipster. Playing vinyl has such an wonderful ritual to it. I wouldn't want to go back to the days when Vinyl was all that was available, for day to day use it is pretty inconvenient. But when you're in a winding down mood, it is still my favourite format. Plus album artwork on 12" is the best it will ever look. Speakers are very important for sound quality, but so is the amp and the DAC (assuming a digital source). The room and it's furnishings are also important, but that whole other rabbit hole to go down.
  6. Are you sure they don't? Share the cost of rent, share the cost of the Red cameras, the editing suite. The cost saving synergies are clear.
  7. Tesla are also closing most of their showrooms and moving to online purchases, which seems like a strange move. How many people will be willing to drop upwards of $35K on a car without at the very least sitting in one to check they can get comfortable in it? Their stock finished the day at $294.79, so they are going to have you cough up $920m. According to the CNBC article they had $3 Billion of cash reserves end of Sept '18, and assuming that is still in the ballpark for their current position, it is just shy of a third they will have to pay out. Painful but not fatal. Do any Tesla watcher on the board know when and how large the next bond repayment is?
  8. Monkey Dust

    Honda getting their "Urban EV" ready for production

    I'm not sure the RWD will be noticeable. I doubt turning the stability control off will be an option, nor are electric motors linear torque conducive to steering a car on the throttle. The interior does look cool, kinda Scandinavian with the wood effect trim. Another advantage it has over the Leaf is that's quite a bit shorter, could save 15 minutes looking for a parking space in a congested city.
  9. Monkey Dust

    How do you justify large purchases to yourself?

    Yep, pretty much this. You're a long time dead, have some fun while your still breathing.
  10. Monkey Dust

    Honda getting their "Urban EV" ready for production

    Looks kinda cool, though the concept looked cooler. No mention of price though. The Renault Zöe and the electric Smart ForFour will direct competitors for it in the EU and are priced quite reasonably for EVs. Looks like it is possibly built to Kei car size?
  11. Yeah for 33 grand, I'd buy a car. For something that in 5 years is going to be a bit 'meh', and get it's arse handed to it by £2000-3000 systems, a coke habit seems less of a waste of money.
  12. Monkey Dust

    Climate change real or hoax?

    It's definitely real. I also seriously doubt we can stop it. No one, myself included, is willing to make more than token gestures. How many of us are willing to give up air travel? Personal transport, because even electric cars have too high a carbon footprint? Streaming services until they de-carbonize their electricity supplies? Buying food that was grown or manufactured more than say 200 miles away? I could go on...
  13. Monkey Dust

    ENERMAX Unleashes the Beastly MAXREVO 1800W Power Supply

    Most, if not all, water pumps for custom loops use molex. It can delivery more power than SATA. I guess an 1800W PSU is just LN2 overclockers? Anything else needing that kind of power probably lives in a rack mount case.
  14. The VW DSG box has a reputation for going expensively wrong. For that reason I'd suggest the manual. I'd pick the M140i. Straight 6 engine, power going to the rear as god intended. Also it is one of the last of the small BMWs to be available like this. The next 1&2 series will be FWD or AWD, and 4 cylinder only. In Europe the new 340i will only be available as AWD and I believe automatic only too. Get one while you still can.
  15. Which colour is that? Mora? It looks amazing