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  1. Isnt that a smart phone? You didnt mention any problem with it. So why do you want it replaced? Huh... Do you have a 500 dollar android phone to know how one would perform? And whats your budget? Are you looking to get $500 worth of product for spending less? Ok lets compare the amazingly efficient iPhone SE 2020 against a poor man's $300 Android phone... By the way that Android phone is powering a much larger OLED screen and at a higher resolution. The iPhone's more conservative screen and amazing optimization gives it far superior battery endurance So you are already taking pictures Compare what you intend to buy, against what you are currently using to take pictures And if what you are currently using cannot be matched by any phone that is within the budget, then well, continue using it? Its best you let us know your budget and a link to the options that are available to you. If a phone exists, it does not mean it is available in your area or country. If I buy a phone for $400 it will very probably cost you a different amount.
  2. Lol that says something about you and you confirmed it yourself
  3. https://www.xda-developers.com/how-to-fix-device-not-certified-by-google-error/ I have Xiaomi phones and always use custom ROMs. Never ran into this issue on stock or custom ROMs.
  4. Its a Bluetooth controlled peltier cooler with battery... Hot air needs to be discharged out through a hole in the back of the shirt Battery life probably nonexistent The price is just LOL
  5. If there is a road that goes to a bad place, the right call is not to put obstacles on the road. The right call is to terminate the road
  6. Which is useless because gambling can be legalized. They just want the taxes The end result will be effectively no change for consumers, and government pinches money from game publishers A new cow to milk like Google and Facebook...
  7. The case suggest that the phone in question will have a rear mounted fingerprint sensor, which means it might not even have an OLED screen. I also see a hole for the headphone jack. And no manufacturer provides a bundled case with protruding corners. Faker than fake tits Regardless, the Pixel phones are all piss poor value proposition. Batteries small enough that they might cause erectile dysfunction.
  8. Looks like something a crypto mining device would poop out
  9. https://beebom.com/how-get-note-8-app-pair-feature-any-android/
  10. Country? I would be ideal if you could link is to the online catalog of the store(s) from which you intend to buy from. So we dont have to play a guessing game of what is available and within the budget in your area. I'm guessing you take selfies if you care about the front camera? Also, what are you currently using and why is it being replaced? Offer as much info as possible so I can find you exactly what you want
  11. If doing a full phone wipe and reset does not help with the slowness, then a custom ROM would not be of much help. Custom ROMs are for the sake of having a clean ROM, to get to an Android version not provided for by the manufacturer, or to obtain special features in certain ROMs. Not really for the sake of performance improvements. And rooting is completely pointless if you have no plans to do something that requires root privilege.
  12. Its just the logistics work of sending stuff to the GPU for processing. You want it done in such a way that everything in the foreground is priority for update so it looks smooth and responsive. Situations where this is critical are: Many apps open on the screen Many browser tabs with video and animated elements Tabbing through desktops and full screen applications This is traditionally done on the CPU, so there is overhead on the CPU. If it happens to be on a core/thread that is being maxed out, its function could be interrupted. Or on a weak CPU it can contend with other processes for resources. With the work taken over by the graphics card, it can be done more efficiently. However with modern CPUs now being so powerful and with so many cores, you probably don't see the benefit in vast majority of cases. To be playing a full screen video game there isn't much needed from scheduling. And the work shifted to the GPU doesn't help when the GPU is almost always the bottleneck when playing games.
  13. Reason for wanting a better screen and performance? Your initial request was just for 256GB storage and OLED screen. Coming from an A50 and compiling all your wants, you are basically working towards a flagship tier device. With your budget in mind, your options will look like this: OnePlus 7 256GB OnePlus 7T stuck at 128GB for 90hz display Galaxy S10 Lite 128GB dual SIM model that will take a microsd card Poco F2 Pro stuck at 128GB for the SD865 and pop up camera Selection is based on Lazada SG local stock, with prices below SGD697 or RM2,140 You are almost certain to not find any OP7P for under USD500, at least locally. I bought an OP7P 256GB model recently and it cost me SGD880...
  14. But what do you consider to be an upgrade? You have a budget? You can obviously get a dream phone if you are willing to spend a lot. Keep in mind, people here more often than not suggest based on pricing and availability in the US. It could be a different story in MY.
  15. If the direct PCIE connection eliminates the need to modulate/demodulate over a conventional 2 PC setup (in same fashion as AMD crossfire over pcie with the graphics card) I could see some efficiency gain with this. Otherwise there is no difference to have the NUC outside apart from not requiring the additional power brick.
  16. Sony WH 1000XM3? Noise cancellation is its forte. Playback quality is good and supports the highest quality bluetooth audio connection LDAC. Your phone supports LDAC as well. Supports AAC as well, if you happen to switch to an Apple device. Has a built in mic so you can take calls and summon Google assistant. Touch controls are easy to access and you can quickly pause music and let sound pass through, if you wish to check environmental sounds or physically converse with someone. Its lightweight and has very good uptime. Minimalist design allows you to wear it in office without looking like an idiot. And no I don't have one.
  17. Could you explain to me how these apps could have any sort of political influence on users? The tensions between India and China is between countries, not political parties. If someone else was ruling India when shit hit the fan, would it have gone any differently? Would India suddenly bend over and let China fuck it in the arse if the leadership was changed? Is the banning of these apps a form of retaliation? Possibly. But I seriously doubt this is going to have any effect on the Indian population's sentiment on politics. As far as I am concerned, the people have benefited from protection against invasive apps. I'd be happy if more countries banned the same set of bad apps. They should also ban ad networks and social media while they are at it. I am not anti-China or pro-India. I am pro-consumer and pro-consumer rights. Has always been and will always be.
  18. In terms of functionality what does this enable? Apart from doing it for the lols to have a PC inside a PC
  19. At that budget, you have no choice but to buy used. Unfortunately I dont make suggestions for used stuff. Just my policy. But if you want a combination of competent camera + bright screen + stylus that is anywhere close to your budget, you will probably be awful disappointed if you dont opt for an iPad. This coming from a guy who hates Apple with a burning passion.
  20. Well that's a first world problem There isn't a smaller alternative to this I believe. The best you can do is to get the smallest of the three phones, as the case size corresponds to the phone. Not that it cant be done, but the phone is going to be powering two screens, potentially running multiple apps concurrently. This means much higher battery drain. And it can be made only so small before the battery becomes too weaksauce for the product to have practical use.
  21. China's censorship is for a completely different reason. What India did is both appropriate and effective for the situation. They need to go one step further and DNS/IP block the big ad networks at the ISP level. Dont just fight data collection. Go straight to the source and snuff out the very reason for data collection in the first place.
  22. Depends what you want in a phone... A51 has the better screen with under-screen fingerprint reader, but the One Hyper has a mechanical pop up front cam The One Hyper only comes in 128GB storage and 4GB RAM configuration. The A51 has 64 or 128GB of storage, and anywhere between 4GB and 8GB of RAM. Be sure to know what you are getting. The One Hyper's SD675 is more capable than the Exynos chipset in the A51, although any efficiency lead it has will probably be lost through its non OLED screen. Gsmarena has yet to come out with standard battery tests for the One Hyper. Motorola's software is closer to stock than Samsung's One UI 2, if you somehow care about that. Think about what you are replacing and why. Think about what improvements you are looking to get. Perhaps someone might suggest something they say is 'better' but can they explain why? Do the supposed advantages even matter to you? And dont forget the disadvantages which product pushers never mention. You decide
  23. You are right its not the case. The phone's OS has to be tailer made to each device model. No custom ROMs available for those. How to make a custom ROM for your phones? You will have to self-learn Android software development. Look it up on XDA or something. I am not a developer. Have someonr make custom ROMs for your phone? Lol good luck with that.