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  1. VA panels bad for gaming?

    The PLL2210W uses a TN panel Going VA would be an unquestionable upgrade Make sure to confirm with other users the VA monitor you are looking, at before pulling the trigger. So you dont get something that is known to be bad If you are not buying it soon or have nothing in mind for now, feel free to start a new topic when the time comes
  2. Need a keyboard for work

    Cherry MX Silent and Brown are not the same switches... MX Silent is linear MX Brown has a tactile bump
  3. VA panels bad for gaming?

    So you already have a VA monitor? TN is a subclass of TFTLCD, so is VA No its actually an advantage for the display to be able to produce deeper blacks. It extends the contrast between badly lit enemies and pitch black, so you don't have enemies blending into the black like on bad displays.
  4. Need a keyboard for work

    That Strafe you linked uses ordinary RGB version of MX Browns... It will sound exactly like the G710+ unless o-rings are preinstalled There is no special silent version of MX Browns...
  5. Need a keyboard for work

    G710+ uses MX Brown switches which is tactile and already relatively silent There are no Cherry MX switches that produce less noise while still having the tactile bump Best you can do is add o-rings to MX Brown keys before just going with linear switches
  6. Switching Devices, Need Advice

    P20 Lite is a mid range phone, while S8 is a flagship Just take the S8?
  7. Thinking about which phone to buy

    Just get the 8+ You're wasting your time here if you don't know what you want in a phone
  8. Baking a graphics card only theoretically works because those things heat up and cool down many times in their lifespan. That can cause solder joints to break and the card stops working due to a break in the circuit. The heat from baking is an attempt to reflow the broken solder and close the circuit. Your phone is not a graphics card. A dead component cannot be baked back to life. Baking won't reset corrupt ROM or bootloader. Your phone contains a battery and materials that can be destroyed by extreme heat.
  9. If you feel that its sluggish, try a factory reset. Samsung's touchwiz is notorious for slowing down to a crawl over time. Also mind your app usage habits. The more junk you put on your phone, the slower it gets.
  10. G930F vs SM-G930U?

    If you're in the US, its safer to get the US model which supports CDMA bands. This way it doesn't become a paperweight when you switch carriers. Also US models support wireless charging. Processor-wise they use the same cores despite the different chipset, so they perform in the same ball park.
  11. Thinking about which phone to buy

    Budget, carrier, features you need and want?
  12. Man fired by machine

    Basically it was an accident and the dude was out of employment for three weeks because one old fart forgot to do his job. To be fair if it takes your new employer three weeks to rectify the issue, your probably better off finding another.
  13. Retail or OEM; 10 home or 10 pro

    -link removed- Over three years, no bad keys or revoked licences. Why pay more for Windows 10 spyware? With Windows 10 you don't need a new license for a new mobo, they just ensure license only works on one (the latest) computer that went online to validate.
  14. Thinking about which phone to buy

    The 6S because it still has a headphone jack
  15. Upgrade suggestions from Apple iPhone SE

    For that much money you can get anything from the S9+ down to the Zenfone 3 Zoom...