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  1. Unless you plan to get from another seller, there is the Moto G8 Plus on Amazon It says Moto G8 Power in the listed name, but is actually the G8 Plus 1080p+ screen Snapdragon 665 48MP main shooter with laser autofocus 16MP dedicated ultrawide 4k30 / 1080p120 video recording, EIS Stereo speakers 4GB RAM 64GB internal storage, expandable
  2. As long as the powerbank or charger outputs 5V and at least 2A, it will work. But you will need two of it. Voltage is a specific requirement. Amperage is a minimum requirement. Your dc coupler basically wants 20W at 5V (5Vx4A or 2x5Vx4A) so you can use a single charger or powerbank that can output 5V 4A over a single port.
  3. If you manage to pull a list of apps, you could make a script to automate the debloat process and complete it before the opportunity times out
  4. There is no graphics card in existence that can do 120Hz because a graphics card isn't a monitor
  5. Try it again when your phone is also connected to wifi If it works with wifi, disable VoLTE or enhanced 4G calls or any setting that allows calls to use data, and then try snapchat on a call again without wifi
  6. If you dont root the phone, your banking apps wont complain. If you are concerned about missing regular Android security updates (for whatever reason), then get a rom that has weekly/nightly updates. If you are concerned about a rom that is preloaded with something malicious, I doubt you will run into one as long as you only use roms from XDA that already have a sizeable userbase. The whole point of custom roms is removing stupid unwanted shit that the manufacturers/carriers preload on the stock rom in the first place. A lot of the people trying and testing customs are in the way of identifying bugs and issues, and are the sort who have the means to detect and identify if the rom is malicious. Bad roms get removed off XDA. Also if you are going to rely on youtube videos for finding/installing a custom rom, you should not be attempting it in the first place. Dont say I didnt warn you. No one here will hold your hand through the process of installing or restoring your phone with custom roms. Please seek help in the respective rom thread on XDA instead. Good luck
  7. The cargo is the same... the power needed for phone operation. And why are you talking about efficiency as new variable when the only variable we are talking about here is the battery size? No. Because a light user with a high battery capacity would end up with a lot of spare juice and would still have recharge less often. The number of 'trips' the battery has to make is lower. Usage pattern is the fault of the user, not the battery size. And you asked specifically about battery capacity in the first place. Why are you trying to shift the topic to argue against the fact that higher battery capacity, with all other things held equal, is always better?
  8. Yes. Phone usage = cargo required to be delivered every day Big battery = one big truck Small battery = one small truck Recharge = return trip Battery left at end of day = excess cargo delivered Now tell me, is the big truck or small truck going to last longer?
  9. SD855 Minimum 128GB internal storage and Microsd slot Higher capacity battery that also charges much faster This is a no-brainer
  10. For how long have you used your G5? You are looking at insurance and not a phone case/protector... You bought a 3,140mAh battery phone. Good luck with that
  11. If its rooted, try Battery Charge Limit from the Play store. Use it to throttle overnight charging and preserve the battery condition. Stop charge at 90, resume charge at 85.
  12. Basically boils down to how much you want the 90Hz screen vs all the bells and whistles of a flagship phone on the P30 Pro Updates never end up making any impact on usage of the device Or if you dont care about a 90Hz screen you can consider the Pixel 4a instead of the Nord (good luck with the small battery though)