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  1. New Headphone question

    Its normal When a mobo has only one amp, it means only one analog output line comes off that amp. It cannot uphold the 600 Ohm spec if you split the line, due to simple electrical circuit maths. And mobos usually set the amp to work with the front connector, because they know users are much more likely to put their headphone on the front port. Rear port is typically for stationary speakers which tend to draw power from an external source. And thus speakers almost always dont need to run off the mobo amp to reach good volume.
  2. Best high refresh 1080 panel

    All that meet your criteria under $300 are TN panels But for $42 more you can get a VA+Quantum Dot panel
  3. Trying to find a good compact phone help...

    Define "sub 6 inch phone" Because your Z5C has a 4.6 inch screen Sony is basically the only reputable brand still making such small Android phones. Their best one being the XZ1 Compact I believe. Beyond Sony, consider the LG G6 which packs a lot of stuff for its size (overall phone size, not screen size)
  4. Getting a cheap iphone

    You want to be with them, but do they want to be with you? Tell your family or friends that you can't afford an iPhone and see what they do
  5. AMD has no dual cores in the Ryzen stack. Should have made these unlocked to really give the Pentiums a run for their money.
  6. Nvidia Stock Down/ Morgan Stanley Pessimist

    Don't give a damn about stock prices Nvidia being all hush on traditional raster perf comparison and super strict on media releases, was a dead giveaway that the new products dont live up to the hype. Also expect less impressive generation gains until AMD comes up with something that can compete at the high end (like what Intel did pre-Ryzen)
  7. Twitched Is Now Blocked In China

    Banning all the things is very popular with capitalist countries these days
  8. Help me pick a Monitor

    Choose between the first and third The VP247QG is 24" TN 1080p, 75Hz Freesync The S24F356FHU is 24" IPS 1080p, 60Hz Freesync
  9. Apple scoring device use to prevent fraud?

    This can only be good news because people not using iTunes weren't affected
  10. Ryzen RAM XMP still a thing?

    Check the QVL (Qualified Vendor List) for your particular motherboard on its page in the manufacturer's website. Or get a RAM kit that is advertised to work with Ryzen. Those have a sticker or printing on the packaging saying "Ryzen Compatible" or the Ryzen logo. Those will be assured to run at the advertised speed through DOCP profile in the bios. For overclocking you will want to find b-die kits.
  11. Never knew about Techsource None of my business, never affected me No impressions developed. Moving along with life
  12. Looking for new GPU

    There was no mention of a budget. So I go ham
  13. Rockstar games announces Red Dead Online

    Let me guess... delayed launch on PC to encourage you to buy multiple times And then they gonna double down on the RDR equivalent of shark cards
  14. What phone do I get?

    Care to elaborate what 'support' is and what practical effect it will have on the user?
  15. Price to expect? Monitor with criteria:

    Pcpartpicker filtered lists by criteria. Results change as price and availability changes; 24-27", 1440p and up, 75Hz and up, 1-5ms response, IPS 24-27", 1440p and up, 75Hz and up, 1-5ms response, Gsync 24-27", 1440p and up, 75Hz and up, 1-5ms response, IPS, Gsync How much will prices drop during <insert> sale? Don't know. No crystal ball or delorean