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    Intel i7-4790K
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    ASRock Z97 Extreme4
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz CL8
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    MSI R9 290X Lightning
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    NZXT S340 Elite (Black)
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    Plextor M5P 500GB, Samsung 850 Evo 500GB
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    Corsair RM650i
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    Dell U2414HM
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    Noctua NH-D15 (yes I got it to fit)
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    Logitech G710+, Corsair K65v
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    Logitech G303
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    Onboard Realtek ALC1150
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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  1. MS made a mouse that could track on a toddler's face at the behest of one of their engineer's wife. Thumbs up to them. Yeah like how Bluetrack and Darkfield sensors are without question the most popular mouse sensors for gamers due to their unrivaled precision. Who needs the optical Pixart PMW3366 anyway?
  2. 99% sure Logitech is the manufacturer and just licenses to MS Horrible feet design. I'd rather just buy an MX Master
  3. Monitor for turn based games?

    Said graphics card does not exist Please try again
  4. So they integrate a Microsoft service and tell us that they had to remove the headphone jack for IP67. Nope.
  5. AV capabilities built into Chrome

    I use Vivaldi Whats Google gonna do? Its in their interest to make their browser secure and can implement features to protect against web borne threats. But they have no business in discrete AV function to actively scan files on the user's computer. They are obviously out for our data. This is invasive and should not be tolerated.
  6. WPA2 has been cracked

    Hacker would have to be in wifi range, and then router admin would be able to see a new unknown client
  7. Need headphone jack, USB and for under £300? Why of course the iPhone X and new Pixels would be ideal for you! Welcome to LTT where the best answer to your needs is our wants. And yes you can easily get that last gen flagship for under £300 from a certain someone at somewhere oops I didn't post a link bye
  8. A ring on the back?
  9. Are loot boxes a form of unregulated gambling?

    Loot boxes should be considered as a form of gambling. Which is why for Battlefront 2, DICE should return to the BF1 model of paid DLC + paid Premium + Battlechests. We'd rather not have the opportunity to unlock everything by just investing time in gameplay.
  10. Corsair LL RGB LED series fans

    RGB is so yesterday. Does it have a backdoor?
  11. Why not just give MS the finger by blocking IP/hostname of all them telemetry servers across all ISPs in the EU?
  12. Didn't know it even existed. Oh well its just Microsoft making the world better making existing stuff exclusively exclusive exclusivity.
  13. 1070ti Rumored to be a LOCKED gpu

    Maybe the last .5GB of VRAM will be shit slow?
  14. FLIR cameras have unremovable backdoors

    Backdoors are all the rage these days. Forget RGB we want backdoors instead.