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  1. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    R9 290 Memory running at 1250 MHZ

    I was going to but after reading this I can't be bothered, suck me Lays. ok fine
  2. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    which sata port for my ssd?

    If it's a Z97 motherboard they are all native to the chipset, so plug it into any of them.
  3. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    favorite ring tone

  4. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    MSI or Gigabyte ?

    Gigabyte has better RMA service so on that alone I'd pick Gigabyte. (They also happen to make excellent motherboards.)
  5. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    Piratebay Domain Back again online with waving flag and a timer

    This forum has no search function so reposts are inevitable. @colonel_mortis wrote a useful script that replaced the old search function with a Google redirect, this worked very well indeed but has been removed...
  6. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    XMP disabled?

    Clear CMOS, and enter the BIOS on your first boot to see if XMP is available to select. If it won't work it will be possible to manually enter the clock speed, voltage and timings into the BIOS. What is the model of motherboard, and what is the model of the RAM DIMMs you are using?
  7. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    AI Suite 2 and Fan Xpert 2 Not working.

    What happens if you set the whole curve to max, does it spin at full speed? I am using this software too, I found that I needed to exaggerate the temperature/RPM of some fans to make them spin at a proper speed. Are all the fans in your system the same? Is the back fan 4pin/PWM?
  8. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    Are AOC monitors any good?

    Your avatar is great from what I've seen.
  9. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    The Fast and The Furious

    Gone in 60 seconds was better.
  10. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    100$ GPU Recommendations

    Have you considered a used GPU? You're going to get a lot more bang for $100 going down that route.
  11. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    good stress test program for a gpu other than 3d mark

    Battlefield 3 and 4, I'm serious too if an overclocked card passes a few heaven loops it can still crash in BF3/4. Those games are also good for testing a CPU that's overclocked.
  12. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    The Pirate Bay is back online

    Misleading title, everyone who clicked this expected to find that the news corresponded with the title meaning the site was up and working again and it is not. What are you going to title the thread when it actually comes back up?
  13. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    Possible to Simulate One CPU with Another?

    fail I have been simulating the performance of an i7 in games with my i5 for a couple years now.
  14. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    Assasins creed black flag, weird colours then game crashed

    So rather than just try it again, you posted this topic? Go try it again.
  15. helpingaskewcokemansarcasm

    Graphic card update!

    Turn on the radio, any station will do then simply await further instructions.