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  1. Love the ID of the HTC One M8 and the long-lasting battery is +++
  2. It's not showing any errors, but the text in the Explosion function doesn't appear, probably because the posX[RocketNr] and posY[RocketNr] is not properly passed into the function. If I just write text("yey", 100, 100); it works. So the function is called.
  3. Solved So, now that it's almost New Year's Eve I'm trying to make an animated card using Khan Academy's Java Script Editor. I've ran into a few problems though, but maybe some of you can help? I've created a function that uses a multidimensional array to store the X and Y positions of a "Rocket". Then I've assigned a random array of numbers for the Rockets' "Explosion points". Then I want to pass in the X and Y position of that Explosion point and then use another function to generate the explosion, because I want to remove the rocket (using the .shift function) The "yey" text in the Explosion function is just a substitute for what would be an explosion like animation. Here's the code: //Initliazationbackground(95, 0, 0);var timer=0;var posX=[];var posY=[];var StartRandomPoint=[];StartRandomPoint.push([random(0,400),0]);var ExplPoint=[];var Stop=[];var RocketNr;//StartRandomPoint[RocketNr][0], [RocketNr][1]// =//StartRandomPoint[XPos to RocketNr][YPos to RocketNr] var Explosion = function(posX, posY){ text("yey",posX[RocketNr], posY[RocketNr]); rect(posX[RocketNr], posY[RocketNr],10,10); }; var draw = function() { background(95, 0, 0); timer+=1; for (var RocketNr = 0; RocketNr < StartRandomPoint.length ; RocketNr++) { noStroke(); fill(255); ellipse(StartRandomPoint[RocketNr][0], StartRandomPoint[RocketNr][1], 10, 10); if(StartRandomPoint[RocketNr][1]<ExplPoint[RocketNr] ){ text("Yey", StartRandomPoint[RocketNr][0], ExplPoint[RocketNr]); } // Increase the y position each time StartRandomPoint[RocketNr][1] -= 2.5; if(timer>70){ StartRandomPoint.push([random(20,380),400]); timer=0; ExplPoint[RocketNr]=random(180,60); } // rect(100,60,20,120); while(StartRandomPoint[RocketNr][1]<ExplPoint[RocketNr]){ posX=StartRandomPoint[RocketNr][1]; posY=ExplPoint[RocketNr]; StartRandomPoint.shift(); Explosion(posX,posY); } }};
  4. Hi, A friend of mine changed the inverter to fix his laptop screen a few weeks ago, and he said that he could easily have replaced his entire screen if he wanted to. Now, my question is if I can change my laptop screen (Elitebook 8470p) to another laptop screen, from another laptop, like the Dell XPS 14. Why would I want this? Because the Elitebook 8470p uses a crappy TN screen, and I really want an IPS screen. The only real problem I see with this is the hinges, but there may be a solution, or? Thank you for any feedback (also, please move this thread if it's in the wrong section. )
  5. 32 ohm are for mobile use, 80 ohm can be used for both mobile and PC(onboard, low-end soundcard) and 250 ohm is basiclly PC only (amped soundcard)
  6. another +1 for DT770 from me, very good pair of cans with good bass (especially amped properly!)
  7. diabloj

    Essence STX or?

    Like Alex Dimitri mentions, if you're not that crazy about sound quality and use high-quality source files then you could opt for a cheaper alternative. What's your headphones by the way? If they're a decent pair of cans then you'll hear the difference better between the Essence STX and lower-end soundcards. (and therefore appreciate it more) Either way, I think Essence STX is the best option for both a soundcard or external DAC/amp in that price range. The only consideration is if you need such a high-end soundcard if you don't have the equipment(or source files) to appreciate it.
  8. Both the Beyerdynamic DT770 (80 ohm, good for both PC and mobile) and M50 are great choices. I own DT770 myself and can highly recommend them, especially with a good soundcard.
  9. I'm at school atm, so I couldn't read the whole article, but I will do an ABX test since you doubt me. I'll get some of my friends to try it as well. Will report back then :) Also, I wasn't expecting a difference, and the article says that "when you're expecting a difference, there will be a difference" Edit: (Talking about Beats cable-swap) Some of my friends and I will do an ABX test next thursday :)
  10. I believe so, yes, but when I tested it, it wasn't an ABX test. Please go ahead and try it yourself, if you have the opportunity. I might even re-test it myself, just to make sure (I did this a couple of months ago) The most noticeable thing was that the bass was a lot tighter when I switched cable, it didn't "bloat" so much of the mids as Beats usually tend to do. The sound was more "well-defined" Another example of this is when I put "Sugru" (http://sugru.com/) on my cheapo IEM's mini-jack (to strengthen it, it didn't have any wires exposed yet) and I noticed a significant difference in sound (I don't quite remember how they used to sound, but I believe the bass was boosted as well as the treble became a bit harsh when I put Sugru on it) I didn't think cables would make such a huge difference, so I urge people to try swapping cables (NOT BUYING! Just trying) My local hifi store allows me to test equipment before I buy it. An opposite example of this is the fact that I bought some new, thick, biwire, 1,8m, Audioquest cables for my HiFi equipment, expecting there to be a huge difference from my old needle-thin wires, 20m, but there wasn't. (I Attached pictures of my HiFi cables) So I've experienced that analogue cables do make a difference, up to a certain point, I wouldn't spend a 1000$ on cables. Also, I simply don't know how much digital cables matter, I need some more experience with that, but as of now, I wouldn't bother spending more than necessary on digital cables. Edit: I do think there was a difference when I switched my HiFi cables, I just didn't notice it too much. Most likely because my amp is too noisy in the first place (it's 30 years old) or because of my speakers. I'll find out soon anyhow, I'll be trying out some new equipment, so I'll update this if I discover something. Also, cheapo 10m mini-jack to mini-jack cables are horrible. They prove that protection for the wires is very important, especially over longer distances, even when the cable isn't damaged.
  11. Analogue cables are actually more important than you might think, even for entry-level audiophile equipment.(If Beats can be called that) I swapped the default mini-jack to mini-jack cable for some Beats headphones(Pro, Studio, Mixr) to an AudioQuest Evergreen cable and the difference was highly noticeable on my phone (SGS2) with 320kb/s .ogg files (Spotify Premium). Please go ahead and try it yourself, if you know of a store who has similar products. .. and before someone asks, no, I do not own a Beats product myself.
  12. Where? I searched and couldn't find anything.
  13. Personally, if I were to buy a next-gen console, this rules out the Xbox One. As far as I know, the PS4 does not have the same restriction. Short excerpt: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-22623010
  14. Simply epic, but not that original. Sounds very familiar. 7/10 PS: Celldweller - The Wings of Icarus, that is Promoting a local band: Team Me - With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared To Have a Look at You Now
  15. Try changing the cable (if it's removable), I've tried it with the Beats Mixr, Studio and Pro and it made a huge difference! These are all more expensive than your's, but it might be worth a try. I swapped the cable for an Audioquest Evergreen cable. In general though, none of the Beats products are worth your money, maybe except the Beats Pro if you swap the cable and pay a premium for the build quality.