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  1. If they bundles in the Ultimate edition ($120... just bought it) then it would almost make more sense to get a Fury than even a 970. That could swing a good number of people. But of course EA wants 100% profit on the DLC content.
  2. There are customers in Europe who have already received their PG279Q. So far the consensus seems to be that the QC is better than the previous ROG SWIFT although the panel does suffer from a bit of IPS glow and a tiny bit of bleed. Which are both to be expected. Haven't heard about dead pixels yet, which is something the Acer version of this panel suffers from.
  3. I doubt the new flagships will be 2x as powerful as the 980Ti and FuryX. With the node shrink, I don't think it's illogical and unrealistic to expect at least 25%. And I'm currently holding off on my next upgrade for Pascal but I would be blown away if we saw more than a 50% performance improvement for the flagships. I wouldn't be surprised if they were capable of much more but hold off so that they can release another generation on the same node if necessary.
  4. I really want one of the elegant simple ones that are only for hanging a single pair of headphones on. I never unplug mine, so taking them off and hanging them on the wall next to my desk would have been perfect. Not too interested in the winning monstrosity TBH.
  5. They introduced the Verified Purchase, but I agree. There is no reason to let people review something they didn't buy at Amazon.
  6. It's an interesting update but you'd obviously have to see a larger sample size before we can draw conclusions. It also seems to me that the battery life is really low on both. Were they running something during the test? Or screens forced to stay on?
  7. Jaybird Bluebuds X. About $130. Great sound quality and I use mine at the gym all the time.
  8. Try living in New York City. I've been here a week and I'm already convinced that I'd have to make at least a million to live comfortably here. I imagine it's much the same in cities like San Francisco and Seattle. Plus I'm sure I could find a way to spend it on PC parts and cars.
  9. Oh come on. That comment was in reference to how it was said that he could have taken a paycut to his bonus in order to keep these people employed. It doesn't work that way. There's really a lot more to it than that. The company might be losing money and you could get a fantastic bonus because your business decisions saved the company from losing even more. Or the company might make a fair bit more than last year but your bonus is smaller this year simply because it is discretionary and subjective, therefore not directly tied to any one metric. For example, even my own bonus is only partly based on company performance. There is always a large chunk based on what those above you think about your own performance in your job duties. All I'm saying is that he didn't fire the Nokia employees to increase his own bonus, and neither would he have been able to spend from that bonus to keep them on. People got fired because their positions are no longer necessary. That's a good business decision. It's the right decision. Microsoft needs to change and adapt, the CEO seems to understand that and be leading a change that might save Microsoft and lead them to greater profitability than ever before. I'd say that kind of leadership is worth a hefty chunk of money. And as said above me, the $84 million is not entirely cash either.
  10. He isn't salaried at $84 million. It's a discretionary year-end bonus decided by the chairman and high equity holders of the company based on the job they think he did. Much of the bonus is meant to reward what they believe is a good job running the company but large parts is also based around ensuring that your CEO does not get an offer they cannot refuse from another corporation. In no way was his decision to lay off a large amount of their workforce based around enlarging his own bonus. It's just business. The employees were part of a technology that the corporation no longer invested in and thus there is no reason to keep them on. It's just part of life. If my own employer does eliminate my entire team due to not needing it anymore, I can't say that I would expect to be kept on. I haven't had exposure to, an interest in, or an understanding of the other parts of our technology and business. I would expect to be laid off and would start to look for opportunities elsewhere.
  11. One would think that if they're asking $850-1050 for that card, they could get the number of CUDA cores right on their website...
  12. Kind of sad that they put the most beautiful cooler on the one card I would never keep the air cooler on isn't it? I probably would never spring for this. I already have enough of a problem paying $200 more for the same card in the hopes of ~100-200 MHz better clocks. But making a $650 card into a $1050 card is way too rich for my blood. But I'm sure some people are both willing and able to pay that price.
  13. Wonder how that works with the difference in memory clock and VRAM. Sounds like you'd be better off to buy another 290 if that's what you had (and save some money) or buy another 390 to avoid gimping your current card.
  14. Only if you get caught Disclaimer: This is a joke. Don't blame your underage kids drinking on me.