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  1. Your motherboard does not have the FX8320 listed as a supported CPU: http://www.asrock.com/mb/NVIDIA/N68-VS3 FX/?cat=CPU Also, your motherboard does not have any Windows 10 drivers listed for download, so it could be something on that front. However, before you start swapping hardware and software, you should try a different game that is not based on the Source engine. The Source engine, especially the build CSGO uses, has had numerous issues with performance. If other games don't give you issues then it's probably CSGO's fault, but if other games do have similar issues then use MSI Afterburner and Task Manager and see if your GPU Core Clock and CPU Speed(GHz) are being boosted to their max(or at least close to it) when gaming. I know some people have had issues with "power saving" features that would block the GPU/CPU from being utilized properly. AMD has a power saving feature called "ULPS" for their GPUs that can cause this, which can be disabled via MSI Afterburner or Regedit(I would use MSI Afterburner though, just in case). If that doesn't solve your issue you could try installing Windows 7 since your motherboard supports it and see if it's a compatibility issue with Windows 10. If that doesn't work then it might just be your motherboard then. Honestly I have a i7-3770 and a R9 390 and I have terrible drops in CSGO and I've tried everything I could think of and nothing has seemed to fix it. I started having issues back when Valve introduced the R8 Revolver, so back in November 2015. Best of luck!
  2. Hey, I can just take Friday and Monday off from work and have a 4-day NMS vacation lol. Better than taking 4 days in the middle of the week!
  3. Damn, I have three 32" 1080p TV's from Vizio from 6-7 years ago, all still working great. And I just bought one of their 4k TV's. Great company, though a little curious to see how this acquisition plays out. Hopefully not much changes or things get better!
  4. Mod note: Thread moved to Cases and Power Supplies sub-forum. On-topic: Is $300 your max or your preferred? Because you can get some really nice cases for under $300, but if you want to go all out then a Case Labs case, the Corsair 900D, or the Cooler Master Cosmos II would be your best bets!
  5. My best guess is probably because of processing fees and profit losses. When you buy a game with a CC/Debit card Steam is charged a fee, they also get charged a fee when you issue a refund. I don't know exact numbers, but as an example lets say that the processing fee is 0.20% and you're buying a game that is $10. 1. You buy the $10 game, Steam is charged 2 cents. So Steam made a $9.98 profit. 2. You request a refund, Steam is charged another 2 cents and refunds your $10. Steam is now at a -$0.04 loss. 3. The game goes on sale for $5, you buy it. Steam is charged 1 cent, 5 cent loss so far. Steam is now at a $4.95 profit. It doesn't seem like much, but now add in 10,000 people doing the exact same thing. That's $500 loss, $49,500 profit. Now if you weren't able to refund and you had to stay with your $10 purchase, Steam would be at a $80,000 profit, plus however many more people would buy the game at the price point of $5. Also don't forget Steam has to pay the publishers/developers as well, and the processing fees are cut out of Steam's profits, not anybody else's. Steam probably made this decision based on scenarios like this. The Summer Sale 2015 had flash sales and refunds(IIRC), so it was probably the deciding factor for Steam to decide whether or not to keep flash/daily/community deals. So it must have cost Steam enough money to warrant the change. TL;DR: Steam gets charged processing fees and if everyone refunded their purchases when a game goes on a deeper discount then Steam makes less profit and hurts them in the long run. The only way to "fix" this is to block people from buying a game they just refunded for a certain period of time(which kinda contradicts why Steam created the refund system) OR make customers pay transaction fees(which I don't think consumers would be too happy about this). Well, if the transaction fees are really part of the decision that was made...
  6. Fast: 47Mbps Speedtest: 78Mbps I doubt I'm being throttled since I'm using a VPN. So probably a poor connection to Netflix servers. I'm on AT&T U-Verse, business line. *Edit, just retested without my VPN on. Fast: 75Mbps Speedtest: 80Mbps So either something is throttling VPN connections or the path I'm being taken through with my VPN is poor to Netflix. I use PIA and I have great speeds when downloading from Steam/Origin/etc. so my VPN provider isn't crap lol.
  7. Switched to Opera years ago, it has always been faster than Chrome for me.
  8. Great that 3D NAND SSD's are coming down in price pretty steadily. I think I'd rather opt for a similar priced 1TB SSD though. You can get a Mushkin 1TB for around $220 USD(so around 24 cents/GB). Hopefully prices continue to drop and we can get rid of hard drives soon!
  9. Don't care at all about this. Achievements don't mean squat nowadays, don't know why they keep bothering with them.
  10. I've been hearing/speculating about this since the start of highschool(about 6 years ago at this point). Personally I don't see the purpose to add additional tax to the item(don't know if Philly has sales tax). We already get taxed enough and our taxes don't go to where we want them to go. If they actually cared about health issues they'd propose a bill to ban drinks like these, which probably won't ever happen until they ban cigarettes first. To me this is just another situation of wasted time and resources that won't do anything for consumers.
  11. Thread has been moved to the Audio sub-forum. @AjintaWelcome to our forum! Just make a self-note to post in the correct subforums in the future, if you have any questions or you're unsure where to post something you can PM one of the mods that are online at the time and we'd gladly help! Hopefully now that this thread is in the correct place more experienced members on this topic can assist you more easily
  12. I don't have flash installed and refuse to do so. Twitch is the only thing needing flash at this point that I use and I would love if they switched over already. Chrome isn't my daily driver, but I have to keep it installed with a bunch of Twitch bookmarks because of flash...
  13. I'm really hoping Zen is at least comparable to Intel's next release. If we can get some good competition going again then it'll help everyone out. I'm on a Z68 chipset and have been itching for an upgrade even though I don't really need it. Even if Zen isn't amazing, if we can get a price war going then I'm definitely upgrading sooner than previously anticipated.
  14. Probably not underrated when it first came out, but it holds up pretty well with some modifications, and that is Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic 1(haven't played 2 yet). I consider it a really good RPG with a great story behind it, and you can get it for less than $5 nowadays. Another game for more of today's standards would be Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, just an absolutely amazing racing game and I'm surprised I don't see more people playing it on PC. I haven't played Mario Kart 8 yet, but I think All-Stars Racing is way better than the other Mario Kart games I have played. Oh and one more game comes to mind and you can only emulate it nowadays, but Wario World for Gamecube is extremely fun. It feels like it's its own separate game entirely even though it comes off as a Mario spin-off type game. I have some very memorable moments of playing it and I honestly don't know a single person who has played it other than myself. I HIGHLY recommend it, controls are probably a bit clunky nowadays, but if you can get used to them then I think many would enjoy it.
  15. I believe you need to use; player.modav X (+/-)# "setav" only sets the value, but resets when the game launches again. "forceav" is a little finnicky with how Skyrim handles it, sometimes it isn't permanent. When using modav you have to modify the value by either adding or subtracting, not setting it to a number. Example; X = 10 player.modav X -5 X = 5 player.modav X +10.5 X = 15.5 I hope that makes sense. So try modav and see if that fixes it.
  16. EChondo


    Thread has been moved to off-topic. Please refrain from posting in the wrong sub-forums in the future @chin chin
  17. Topic has been locked due to being already posted.
  18. I'm 100% against paid mods, mainly because it'll only ruin modding going forward. The modding community has been open and free for the past 20+ years without a cent being asked. When money gets involved, especially with this kind of thing, people will only care about the money which will lead to secrecy, stealing, and we'll end up with a Early Access version of mods flooding in trying to nickle and dime everything little thing. Sure, there'll be a few good mods here and there just like there's a few good games coming from EA/Greenlight, but the majority will be junk. Steam already has tons of issues with EA and adding paid mods ontop would be a catastrophe. Also just like to point out that Skyrim has ~46,500 mods on the Nexus and Fallout 4 has ~8,900. That's almost 20% of Skyrim's mods and it's only been a little over 4 months since Fallout 4's release and the GECK/Creation Kit isn't even out yet. No one is requiring a damn thing from anybody, but I've donated already to some great mods and I plan on buying the lifetime membership to Nexus with my next paycheck. Money does not fuel the modding community, it'll only ruin it if it becomes required. I'm all for a donation button on Steam Workshop like Nexus has, but anything more than that and things are going to go downhill.
  19. If they drop the subscription I wouldn't mind buying a Xbox One/PS4. $50-$60 can get me a lot of games on a Steam sale.
  20. It seems to be run in its own sandbox, personally I'm not worried about it at all. I haven't had any issues so far these past couple of months. So I'm hoping it's 100% fine. *fingerscrossed*
  21. Sorry I was a bit mistaken, it doesn't require Java to be installed on the system, but the Minecraft Launcher downloads the most up-to-date Java version and runs it inside its own ecosystem, so the PC doesn't have access to Java at all only Minecraft does. More info here: http://www.howtogeek.com/210907/minecraft-doesnt-need-java-installed-anymore-its-time-to-remove-it/ So technically it does use Java, but you never have to download or touch Java ever again in regards to Minecraft. Which is a huge plus for me, I love Minecraft just to kill a few hours or mod the crap out of it and needing Java really put a hamper to that with all these security concerns coming up constantly.
  22. I have already switched to uBlock Origin since AB/ABP have been extremely untrustworthy these past few years. The only website I need flash for is Twitch, but I just found a program called "Twitcha" that lets me follow(or link my account) any game and streamer and lets me watch their stream through VLC. Way better and there's an in-program chat window, but I don't use chat so I don't know how well it works. I think older Minecraft versions or mods still require Java, but I only play the later ones so no Java needed for me. It's really worrisome that these things happen and it seems no one wants to put a permanent stop to them. Always just workarounds.
  23. From the last time I played GW2 the PvP was quite thriving, just a bit bland for my taste(I'm not into MMO PvP's, just isn't my thing). There's also WvW(World vs World) which is just servers fighting each other PvP style with objectives to capture. I didn't see you mention it, but just in case Guild Wars 2 has a F2P version you could try, account restrictions here: http://help.guildwars2.com/entries/95982157?_ga=1.240955781.78332403.1436571105 F2P is mostly chat and mail restrictions so gold farmers/sellers can't use free accounts easily. You should be able to create a character and immediately join PvP if I remember correctly, don't have to worry about PvE levels since everyone scales to level 80 in PvP. You're restricted from playing WvW until level 60, because it helps deter spying/gold farmers and also I believe your PvE rank actually is used there(or some form of dynamic leveling). Other than that, you can make two characters for free and level them both to 80, grind for gear in dungeons/PvE and do end game stuff all without spending a dime. You pretty much get the base game for free with just a few restrictions. If you enjoy the game then all you have to do is buy Heart of Thorns(can't buy the core game anymore) and it'll upgrade your account automatically(or you input a code if you buy it physically) or just keep playing as a F2P member, doesn't really hurt you in the slightest. I'm waiting for a sale later on since my guildies and I moved on from the game to play other MMO's. If you have any questions I'd be more than happy to answer them the best I can, also the Guild Wars 2 wiki is really good, here's the PvP page if you're interested: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Player_versus_Player
  24. Honestly this should have been a thing since PS2/Xbox generation. The only thing I could see an outcry about is that console users are paying a fee to play online, which is complete crap and is the main reason I stopped playing on Xbox. As long as you can turn off crossplay in your own game then I don't think console users would raise a stink about playing against PC users and I personally don't care if a console user has aim assist, it doesn't make them an aimbot, just levels the playing field a bit. I welcome this 100%, it's great that so many games in the future could have more total population so most don't die off straight away, like Battlefront. On PC there's only 2,000 people playing, but on console it's 40,000(combined). If PC players could join them then the PC version of Battlefront wouldn't be dead right now. Hopefully more games take advantage of this in the future, more people the better!