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  1. its not as obvious as the instructions in the OP, i would rather you posted a correct screenshot tbh.
  2. can you pm me about this plz this looks great, but tbh i have no idea what to do with it.
  3. thanks if you would like to replace it with a correct one, that would be great.
  4. no its a good meme tbh. if i fixed this small issue it would die. i mean, not only you didnt read the op, but you didnt read anyone else posts above it. if people just come in dump a score without wanting to compare or look at anyone else then there is really no point. The point of a benchmark is to make sure everything is working as it should and get an idea of what other people are getting in terms of performance from a similar system. for the first say 600 pages, this op worked perfectly fine, its only in the last 100 or so pages that people dump a useless screenshot dont say anything and leave like some facebook page.
  5. wow i have updated to the bottom of page 694. the sheet was over a year out of date. now its only 11 months behind. Cinebench R15 has been added into the R15 sheet.
  6. i mean at low voltage. there are quite a few 3800x/3900x doing 4.4-4.5ghz at 1.3v now.
  7. i would have thought with a 3950x having the mega bin chiplets you could hit at least 4.4ghz.
  8. you dont have to use it at all here. its just an option. not required
  9. unser bench.exe >ifcpu=bintel; Score=bestcpuever >ifcpu=amd; Score=worstcpuever 7350k>3950x If anyone thinks they have a good cpu and wants a challenge, try get 750cb per core in multi thread on R20. so to be clear 4 core cpu: 3000pts 6 core cpu: 4500pts 8 core cpu: 6000pts also scores using benchmate will now be accepted as well.
  10. they dont, for every company that you see that has succeeded, 1000's of others will have failed. only the best still exist.
  11. There were only 10 retail 3950x available in the uk today XD all sold out in 10 seconds literally.

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    2. Jumper118


      yes ocuk had 6, they sold in under 10 seconds and have around 100 orders within the first min

    3. DildorTheDecent


      Yeah I'm one of them who is in the queue for the next batch.


      Which might be at the end of the week.

    4. Jumper118


      lol. threadripper isnt arriving till 31st dec

  12. well tried 2 in the z9pe d8 ws and cpu 0 runs at 3.6ghz all core max and cpu runs at 3.4ghz all core max. clearly the board has no idea what to do, it says the cpu speed in the bios is 3.6ghz. If you go on the cpu information it says they are both 4.6ghz, the multiplier goes upto 54x, but literally does nothing when i change it, neither up or down. also the turbo limits in the bios are all 0 and i cant seem to change them.
  13. i will once intel and the Illuminati have stopped chasing me cos i have this.