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  1. I'd start with Windows OS corruption. There is a script that will do checks against your system's health. The version I have that works fine is named: "image-health_17.01.05" You can google the rest.
  2. https://www.anandtech.com/show/2404/5 Take a good gander at that article. It explains your exact issue.
  3. Still would lean on the side of not fixing it unless you get a new shell. A piece of electrical table across it in an "X" pattern (a few times over) should be strong enough. I really wouldn't go sticking something that can turn into dust or chunks/particles into a device on the notion of looks. You have a cool story to tell about how it got broke if asked... and you are worrying too much! The best part is you're going to school and soon enough when you get out you can get a killer laptop cause you'll make more money after school.
  4. I'd just throw a real bandaid on it and or get one that says Oops and move on with my life or ... get a new case/shell for it. If it works dont fix it.
  5. It has a picture for those 1-3 seconds. FYI. Didn't post that. Sorry.
  6. I have a dell monitor that turns on after the power button is pressed then goes off within 1-3 seconds. What could be causing this and how do I begin to troubleshoot this? I mean I've tried many different cables/types of cable, including multiple power cables, wiggled, held power plug and cables in certain pressure "positions" (example: Pressing the power cable to the "fatter" edge of the plug. Example #2: North South East West and it doesn't fix it. seems like the ports are fine. I believe its something internal but i'd like to fix this monitor and move on.
  7. I particularly got some wing nut type washers made of a steel alloy and anodized black. A little bit of blue rtv lightly applied to the washers on one side along with the screw threads will also reduce vibrations and possible failure points. I use blue rtv on ALL of my screws and parts that are mechanical on my case. It helps lock the screws in and avoid loosening or backing out which are generally the vibration noises. Try it. Tell me what you think of BlueRTV. The only thing I wish that would change was the color. The quality is amazing.
  8. Ace/True Value hardware, they have a GRIP of tiny rubber washers. They also carry vinyl ones. If you combined the two (one of each) then you can get the full absorption from vibration. Your build quality will also determine your outcome for vibration noises. A well build case shouldn't run into those issues, if so VERY rarely and I'd be questioning the case manufacturer if it came out of the box with vibration noises from properly installed fans.
  9. I would love to run 5.4ghz on mine I think it would be fine around 1.45-1.48v "ish" This case did come to mind and i considered to have it be a daily driver as it is expensive the speed I would run at would be astronomical.
  10. So then the case is pointless because you're gonna fry your chips then?
  11. OK... not nitpicking but I seem to have a different understanding then you? I guess? and I am going to call it out here because you may have a better understanding of it and I respect this but in the same sentence maybe I am also possibly right here?... " It can slowly cause issues with the transistors degrading as your pushing more and just wearing out from running at the higher voltages. " The whole point of a phase change cooling is to change the "phase" in which a chip will run. When you icy cool down transistors, capacitors etc... such as the quoted case.. and alter the state it runs at to allow the higher voltages without damaging. I would consider degradation a factor if it WASN'T cooled by these means. (and not trying to steer too far off topic here... it relates to the OP. )
  12. Degradation at that low of temps? I think not... How so? (Not trying to be rude but I don't believe at those temps you'd fall into the degradation category)
  13. I wish we could have seen that phase change case push the boundaries of the 4790K. I have said this even on the video itself (in the comments) and no response to that. 5GHZ is NOTHING on that case. You should have been able to get in the 5.6ghz + range with that chip and higher voltages. (Around 1.65v) I dreamed of seeing that.