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  1. reaaly realy want to try HTC sense if its as good as stock android, im over touchiz atm
  2. Hey everyone, just wondering if any of you have any experience with Noiseblocker NB-Multiframes as radiator fans. I cant find much on them so that's why im just leaning to everyone's favourite, the Scythe Gentle Typhoons AP-15's. My sp120's are pretty loud and you can get much better. If there are any other fans that you know that have good static pressure, feel free to name them Cheers
  3. g3org3y01

    Project Blank

    Jeeeeeez, that's so unlucky. I was expecting finished pics this far down the track, have you got any idea how the board died? Its a new Black edition as well :huh:. Hope they can give you one quickly... B)
  4. Whats white lighting are you using? Is i just from the fans or do you have an LED strip. Fantastic build and photos
  5. Thanks . They are fantastic Glad it helped, look forward to seeing how yours turns out B)
  6. Always have high standards, looks better than I thought. About time you finished it, I couldn't wait any longer .
  7. Its weird not seeing the bridges, looks cleaner I must admit. Nice lighting also. Great build.
  8. Nice and clean build, loving the splash of red as well. B)
  9. One of a kind, absolutely unreal......................
  10. Thanks mate Actually....... . I missed the stream this week, I would be absolutely shocked if I got it. Hope your not trolling me . Cheers They are awesome. If you invest in one, its worth every penny. Thanks
  11. Thank you very much. hahah, now that you mention it...... I know, I thought of that when doing it. Its just the ROG colours really. I think next build ill try orange. But thanks for the feedback Defiantly, modding requires experience (which I dont have) + tools, and time. Cheers mate Thanks mate, kind words. Glad you like it :wub: Glad that's one way you can describe it. Thanks. Thanks for the feedback , I did want a light there but didn't want red because it would oversaturate the build. Might take it out later for a change, I do agree with you to a certain degree though. Cheers
  12. Lol, as in the quality compared to the Bose.I know its not ideal but what would you recommend. I've only got around $275 to spend so yes options are limited. Cheers
  13. Hey everyone just wondering about these 2 sets of speakers. Ive got a small backyard area and wondering what is the better speaker. Not fussed about sound quality to much but a2's are quite good. These are the two options. I'm just struggling to justify a Bluetooth speaker for that much. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=567_895&products_id=12690 http://worldwide.bose.com/axa/en_au/web/soundlink_mini/page.html
  14. Hello everyone, this is my latest build. Decided a couple of months ago to buy my all time favourite case. Caselabs has made my wallet cry a little due shipping rates to Australia but building in it has been such a blast. Such a fantastic platform and so modular. Hope you all enjoy . Case + guts: Case: Caselabs Merlin SM8 CPU: Intel Core i7 2600k GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 780 RAM: 8Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum PSU: Corsair HX 750 W Motherboard: Asus Maximus Formula V Water goodies: CPU: EK Supremacy Clean CSQ GPU: EK-FC Titan SE Pump: EK D5 Vario Rads: EK-Coolstream XTX 360 + 240 Res: Bitspower 150 Water tank Coolant: XSPC EC6 Blood Red Tubing: Primochill Advanced LRT 3/8" 5/8" Crystal Clear Thanks for viewing
  15. +1 on the coolant. Is it Mayhems? Much better coolant this time around, not like it looked bad in the first place. Did you sleeve the cables yourself, I've always wanted black and orange sleeving? Unbelievable rig as well B)