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  1. i cant let him use my machine coz we are working at the same time HAHA, if only we are not working at the same time id let him use my PC anyways this is a sad thing to hear thanks thou appreciate it
  2. Raven Raga


    Hi guys i was just wondering if is there anyway to setup a virtual machine and access it to another laptop with the same network? i got my friend and we are working together as freelance graphic artist here in my home and his laptop is not that much capable in using Photoshop and Illustrator now i was wondering if its possible to make a virtual machine in my PC and make him access that machine so that he can use it in work my PC specs is Ryzen 7 1700x, GTX 1070ti SLI and Corsair Vengence RGB 16gb im also using Samsung M.2 500gb SSD i hope someone can help me with this issue or just dissolve my wondering and responding that this thought is not possible kudos guys! Thanks in advance
  3. now racking a Corsair K70 nonRGB MX Blue, the reason why i want a new keyboard is because my lil bro is also into gaming and i want to hand him this K70 if i win this raffle. i want him to have good ass peripherals so that he can game more harder thats all linustechtips i hope ill win this is my PC anyways
  4. ill give this PC to my brother so that i can use my PC all alone, so please linustechtips help me to get rid of my brother on using my PC,
  5. SMALL UPDATE: sleeving my Corsair VS650 non-modular PSU (such a pain in the ass coz its not modular) as you can see its pretty clear for a newbie like me extraction... i used a paracord to sleeve my wires since thats the only thing i have available 3 down some more to go >.< (i really have no idea how to sleeve the molex connectors and the two 6pins for my GPU) so this is the end of my small update still hoping that i can buy a fully modular PSU soon thanks for reading guys stay tuned
  6. fabricated another part from an old roof lying around supported by some rivets and hex bolts this setup really needs a fully modular PSU i hope i can afford one I used Dremel 3000 for the most of my modding with a EZ lock bit and a THIN CUT blade this will be my last post for tonight still got class tomorrow stay tuned guys and happy modding
  7. added some small brackets for 360 radiator to make it more sturdy
  8. another small update cant really plan well when your parts is not complete yet still my GPU haven't arrived yet from RMA and i don't have cash yet for tubing so if some of you has a good heart i need tubes LOL
  9. brace your selves GDDR5x is comming

  10. Source: Project CIR (Comeback Is Real)
  11. one quick update grinding the front mounts for the 360 rad from watercool.de
  12. thanks man ill finish this build i wont fail again
  13. Test fitting the radiator i got from watercool.de as a prize in their survey raffle it fits just the way i want it Its so shiny like diamond LOL
  14. i still have metalic black Anzahl urethane paint here and yes dude we have the same color in mind