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  1. What genre is this?

    That's actually dubstep. Or what was generally considered dubstep before it was bastardised / hijacked by Skrillex and Monstercat.
  2. If they can't data mine you to shit for revenue, you're essentially just wasting their bandwidth. We can't have any of that now, can we?
  3. Find an exchange open to your country, sign up with the proper documents in order (usually passport, tax statements, etc.), do your research on which currency you want to invest in and you're good to go. (In very simple terms). https://chainoperator.com/best-cryptocurrency-exchanges/ Chainoperator has a nice list of the most popular and trusted exchanges. Personally I use Bitstamp as they offer XRP is open to Norwegian citizens. Signing up to several is a good idea, as verification can take everything from a day up to several weeks. Things to keep in mind: - There's going to be a lot of fees. Trading a few 100 dollars here and there won't net you much in return. Direct credit card purchases / deposits are usually the biggest transaction fees, but pretty much instant. If you're patient, you can wire transfer, which has less fees, but can take on average up to 2 days. If you're within the EU and your exchange is within the EU, SEPA transactions are pretty cheap (if not free in some cases) depending on how much your bank wants to gouge you for money. - ONLY INVEST WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE. You will most likely lose money in the beginning. Same old "buy low, sell high" goes. - Get yourself an app to keep track of prices. Blockfolio is my favourite, as you can enter your purchases and keep track of the current value of your holdings. Can also set notifications for specific price points and prices between different exchanges. - Get to know your governments' stance on crypto and if they want to tax your earnings. Some show no mercy, some are pretty lax. - At last, keep in mind crypto is only valuable if it can be used for something, otherwise it's just "internet funbux". Good luck, have fun and remember to not jump off a bridge if your choice of currency loses half its value in a day.
  4. legit windows ten torrent

    Shit. Might be redirecting me to the direct ISO download page as I'm on Linux right now.
  5. legit windows ten torrent

    Microsoft hosts official Windows 10 ISOs on their website. https://www.microsoft.com/nb-no/software-download/windows10ISO Don't even have to use the media creation tool. Just use Rufus after it's downloaded. Speeds are a tad bit meh, but seems to be fast enough at the moment. It's averaging 4MB/s for me atm. Not exactly maxing my 12MB/s connection, but should be done in about 15-20 mins at that rate.
  6. Overpriced piece of shit with a fanatical following. Of course it would rake in cash.
  7. Of course the notch makes it bigger. Doesn't make it less ugly as sin.
  8. As a hater of the notch trend, if you HAVE to have one, do it like LG does it by blending it in with the top bar, essentially making it invisible. Do it any other way and you have a Fisher Price phone.
  9. Ethan from H3H3 needs to be saved from a MacBook

    ThinkPad or bust.
  10. Your second monitor?

    3x1080p. Main monitor is used for games, web browsing when not having games running and other full focus tasks. Left monitor is used exclusively for Discord and right is for half web browser, usually running Youtube or something on the side and Google Play Music on the other half.
  11. "You can’t buy an AMD system with an SSD at all." O shit, I just woke up in 2003.