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  1. I've experienced 144Hz and while it's definitely smoother, I have no problems with 60Hz. it's just that I have no issues on a shitty 1080p 60Hz TN panel from around 2013. So as long as the input lag and response times are comparable (hopefully better), it's all good for me. Specifically the VE247H is what I'm on right now.
  2. You say they're not the quickest for gaming, but is that as someone coming from 144Hz or 60Hz? I see a lot of people use consoles on the UK650 and UL650.
  3. The 24" 1080p I have now is the reason for me wanting to upgrade. It just looks damn ugly, and the PPI increase from 27" 1440p just isn't all that large.
  4. Add in IPS and 60Hz, and the list shortens considerably. I've been looking at PCPartPicker for a while. The ones hat appear decent AND have decent reviews are all the ones I've listed.
  5. Been looking for one to do some programming and gaming on, but the ones I do find are either unavailable, having high input lag, or are just generally unreviewed. Does anyone have some suggestions? So far I've found the ASUS PB258Q, the BenQ PD2500Q, the Dell U2515H (can't find it anywhere in Canada), the Dell U2518D (well-documented stuttering issues), and the Samsung S24H850. I can't land on a concrete answer. I am aware that Dell has a new 25" 1440p monitor coming, and it does look interesting. Still, hopefully it'll get proper reviewed.
  6. and if I don't care about leaving the VRR range in a specific game, do I just go to that game's profile and disable hardware VSYNC?
  7. Is the same true for Freesync? Also, would it not be ideal to enable VSYNC on a per-game basis to force GSYNC to always be on? Or if you don't care about tearing, just leave it off?
  8. Alright that fullscreen-only option sounds good. Just hope it recognizes fullscreen even with Windows' "Fullscreen Optimizations".
  9. Does the dynamic adjustment also apply to the desktop and other parts of the PC? Like if I open the Steam overlay while playing a 60FPS-capped game, will it be running at 60Hz? Or if I alt-tab to the desktop? Will that also be at 60Hz? Or is there a way to isolate it to the game? I imagine playing in fullscreen does this, but with Windows being what it is, Fullscreen is basically always borderless nowadays...
  10. What about the first two questions? I have the option for VRR, but it'll run me an extra $300 CAD, so I'm trying to decide if it's worth it or not.
  11. Games like Dark Souls 3, Sekiro, etc. I do have multiple questions, so I'll list them: - Do the games still feel as smooth as they would if playing on a 60Hz monitor? - Does the monitor set itself to 60Hz when playing these games, or does it stay at 144Hz? - Am I correct in assuming having a VRR display completely alleviates all these issues?
  12. That's the opposite of what a lot of sites and other users say. The contrast on them sucks, but the motion response times and input lag are great.
  13. I've seen that it's supposed to be almost the same panel as the UK650, but with a worse contrast ratio. Personally, how do you find the contrast ratio? And in regard to the RTINGS UK650 review, which mentions very slight image retention, do you notice any on the UL650?
  14. Refresh rate doesn't much matter, but color accuracy, gradients, and input lag do. Adaptive sync is optional, but preferred. I am mostly coding and gaming, but when I do image editing, it absolutely needs to be accurate. A TN panel would also be fine assuming it's gradients are good. I've already found this: https://www.amazon.ca/Samsung-LS24H850QFNXGO-SH850-24-Monitor/dp/B07166SBNL?th=1 I tried looking for reviews, but they're non-existent. User reviews are there but like any user review, it's either terrible or great. Any other recommendations?
  15. If you could find a 24" 1440p 120Hz monitor for me, I would love that. (Seriously, I would)