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  1. This really felt like bootleg Unbox Therapy.
  2. Reviving with a couple more infos (if they help) - the plastic feet at the bottom could rotate on the outside, giving it a more stable feel - it had a LOCKING side panel, with a key (you could lock it shut) - it was very heavy Still on the look, if you even want to give it a shot and post here a picture of what you think it might be, I'd be very grateful. Thanks
  3. Those figures are per month? per year? On what brand would you put those figures?
  4. First of all, I know this forum, it is like reddit so I don't expect any quality reply from this question. I am not a hater, I am just plain curious. I follow them since 2010 and I'm only happy to see that they're successful. The question still stands because honestly it might prove useful to me in the future if I reach such a level of "popularity". How much do they get per sponsor? I know it depends, that it's variable and the sponsor name and "size" matters a lot, I'm also assuming there's some sort of NDA on that information but still, an estimate would be nice. You can feel free to estimate (using that inch of your brain that can answer seriously and not with memes and other retarded stuff) a quote, and we'll discuss if it makes sense. Sponsors like Ting, TunnelBear, SquareSpace, DBrand... how much do they give him? Usually he does receive free stuff for reviews/projects from brands like Intel, Razer, Seagate but what about those that just buy Ad Space? I'm curious.
  5. one more thing I just remembered If I recall correctly (I might be wrong) between the two huge lights there should be a small flap where two usb ports + some more shit was hidden, it was really far down, like in op pic where I left a white rectangle between the lights. Help me out please thanks
  6. And again, another proof that they don't need a RED camera and they cannot use it! Amazing what you can do with sponsor money.
  7. You forgot to agree Jamiec's latest post, whoopsie! Here, I did it for you. So it seems like you actually are ganged up against me and I'm in the wrong. That's how reddit works right?
  8. I suggest you read the whole comment again, you'll see i've put plenty of constructive criticism, I blacked out all the cursing and I didn't belittle anyone.
  9. Nothing to see here, childrens.

  10. Cheesy aside, I'm complaining because they are a 4.5 million subs channel with extremely good resources and the content they produce (quality wise, nowadays) is much worser than when they had fewer people and less budget. I wouldn't complain if they had like, 100k subs or less, or if they weren't LTT, because they're a staple in the tech community and they should be top notch everytime, considering the amount of care and effort @LinusTech has put into this company. "For free" isn't a great argument because literally thousands of other people do it for free as well and the quality is better. Daily? GMM used to be daily, there are many talk shows that are daily (GMM was shot with GH4 + Atomos and RED and it was daily) so it isn't really an issue there. [SMALL OT: this is like Reddit, looking back every single post that isn't mine or that was against what I'm saying has "thumbs up" and "agree", I'm literally cringing, but at least there are 2-3 people ITT whom you can have a decent argument with]
  11. I addressed this in my comment too. As an example, Luke's video in the old studio (which was shot with maybe 10k of camera equipment) was SO much better than what they are producing now. I feel like it's because back then with limited budget and workforce you really had to plan out your ideas, you had that camera and that equipment and they made very excellent videos where they worked around the limitations and possible solutions for their particular setup. Nowadays they just buy very expensive stuff and complain about the cost / drawbacks when it's clear they're playing with stuff that is out of their range. RED footage needs to be treated with care, it can deliver a lot of good stuff if you know how to use, and certainly (sadly) it isn't something that you can mass produce on a daily basis. For their kind of videos I think they would have been better served with 3-4 Canon C500s with respective Atomos recorders, for a fraction of what they spent on the REDs. Maybe with time the videos will improve, but right now the quality is sub-par even when compared to footage from cameras that cost a fraction of the RED. The only good quality video they shot with RED was the sponsored 8K one for the desk pc. But it's clear that they've put MUCH more thought and care into what they were doing, because it was a one-time situation there. @Slick might agree with me on this. BY THE WAY on the indian thing: it was a random example, because I know (and follow personally) a lot of tech youtubers who are indians and produce honestly impressive content with the equipment they have. I didn't mean to be racist (lol) or anything else.
  12. It's ok if you don't understand them, just stop posting and let some real discussion happen. By the way, there's the other thread now.